My Philosophy

I am 28, from China but i now live in LA with my husband.
We are open couple...sharing, swinging, looking for new experiences.
I am bi. I love sex, it is a great part of my life.
I love my husband too. Sex is for pleasure, for fun... it is different from love...

I am here for fun, to chat, share experiences and pics, and find guys or girls to have fun with (sexually of course).

Someone asked me if i want an another man impregnate me. I answered no because baby is for love and life, sex is for pleasure and fun, it is two different things. Only my husband can make me pregnant.

But if you are good looking and available for sex, i am your girl (i make wonderful *******, and i am fuckable)
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

What a lucky husband u have lol

im in california too but in san francisco. maybe hit up the la area soon

Like your stories, would love to see your pictures and chat, please add me.