Double Penetration

I have always enjoyed being a ****. All my female friends are pretty sexually active as well. In fact I've been with most of my female friends. This is one of my stories.

This took place while I was in college. I was at one of the end of the year bashes, and in full form. I was looking for some serious action and everyone knew it. I wore a tight way too short mini skirt, and a black tube top. Nothing underneath. Every time I bent over, anyone who was looking could see my bare ***, and my shaved ***** lips. This was one hell of a party too. At least 5 kegs, and a full bar. I began scanning the other parties for my prey for the evening. I spotted him. He was standing around with two of his friends shooting the **** about who knows what. And I knew his little sister. Hell I'd just ****** his little sister last week. The problem with having so much sex, was that it took a lot more to get me off than the average woman. In fact I'd noticed within the last year that I never really had a good ****** unless I had at leas two dicks (or ******, whichever the case may be).

So I decided that I was going to get him, Dan, and his friends, as well as his sister that night. So, I began searching for his little sister, Deidra, and spotted her on a couch with a drink in her hand. Perfect. I knew that if she was drunk, I could get her to do pretty much anything. Besides she looked pretty much soused already. So I headed over to the couch and sat next to her. She immediately began kissing me. I told her how much I wanted to eat her *****, but that I was also in the mood for some ****. I told her about my plan, and she got turned on-and agreed to help me. Time for the show.

I adjusted my top so that the top of my right nipple was just barely exposed. Time to make my move, the guys were obviously buzzing, and I put on my best drunken confused little girl face. I stumbled towards the bar, asked for a shot of vodka, took it straight, then pretended to fall back, stumbling into Dan's circle of friends. I smiled at Dan.

"Hey, weren't you in my Genetics class?" I slurred. "Yeah, you're the guy who always sat in the very back so you could sneak out of class early. Oh , sorry, let me introduce myself to your handsome friends here. My names, Celeste."

"I'm Mark, actually I think we met before at the last party here at he Cabana."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was probably pretty sloshed, it's a bad habit of mine, and your name?" I drunkenly flopped my hand onto the quiet one's arm.


"Well, Bobby, nice to meet you."

I was counting on these guys to be gentlemen, for a while anyway. I began to lean more and more on Dan and he put his arm around my waist to help hold me up. Then I went for one more shot-saying "Might as well make it an even 20!" even though it was really only my second. Then I pretended to pass out. I heard Dan and Mark trying to decide what to do with me, when Deidra stepped in.

"Oh, Celeste, I told you to stop an hour ago! Guys will you help me get her upstairs?"

"Sure, sis, but really, it won't take all four of us."

At this point I think Mark caught on that it was an act, and said

"Ah, comeon, lets just get her upstairs and away from this crowd, Bobby you run up and find a room that's not already occupied."

Bobby obeyed, and Dan carried me upstairs with Deidra and Mark just behind him. Bobby found a room, and Dan sat me down on the bed. By this time I started to 'come to' and Deidra sat next to me-this was going to be the hard part, convincing these guys to stick around until they were horny enough to **** me.

So I began kissing Deidra full on the mouth with lots of tongue-guys are suckers for lesbian action. I think we thoroughly shocked t hem all-especially Dan. He and Bobby just stood there staring. We began massaging each othrrs breasts, Deidra pulled my tube top down, exposing my B cup breasts-her full C cups were well enshrined in a tight backless blouse.

Like I said, Mark had already caught on, so he locked the door, and headed towards the bed, saying to the guys, "Comeon, you guys know this is a once in a lifetime chance."

It worked, and everything fell into place.

Deidra laid back on the bed and pulled off her tight black lycra pants. I got down on my knees at the end of the bed, knowing full well that my *** and ***** were exposed to the guys behind me. I put my head between Deidras thighs and began licking her ****-I knew how she liked it-she had no interest in ****, so I knew I was gonna get all I wanted from these guys, and wasn't gonna have to share any of them. Making circles with my tongue a stimulated her ****, every once in a while shoving my tongue inside her tight *****. A ***** untainted by men-but completely molested by m many times over. I loved the taste of her juices, but my ***** was aching to be filled.

When Mark saw me on my knees didn't even hesitate.

"I sure hope she is on the pill, cuz I'm gonna **** the hell out of her."

And he began. Getting got his knees behind me, he thrust his **** into me. I had no idea how big it was, but it stretched me, and I loved it. He pounded me. In and out, his **** impaled my sopping wet *****, while I devoured Deidra's ****. I began moaning, and the vibrations from my mouth on her ***** lips pushed her over the edge. She writhed on the bed, squeezing her own nipples, and practically screaming. Bobby leaned over the bed and covered her mouth, so she wouldn't draw any unwanted attention to the room. Her juices poured out of her throbbing ****, and a lapped them up, savoring her sweet nectar.

"Oh man, Celeste that was awesome. Now I want to watch my big brother and his friends **** you."

Dan, shocked, looking bewildered by he words that just came out of his little sister's mouth, glanced around at Bobby, then at Mark, still ******* me doggy style. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, big bro, there's a bit of a voyeur in me-but don't worry-I'm a lesbian, I just want to watch-I hate *****."

"Please," I moaned, "I love to have guys **** me-I need it!"

With that Mark shot is load, deep inside me, squeezing my ***, and groaning.

"Man, that ***** is hot."

Dan downed the last of the beer; Bobby followed suit. "Well, since we know she can ****, lets find out if she can suck. But first lets get this **** out of those clothes-they'll just get in the way." I couldn't believe bobby had just said that-he had been so quiet all evening.

Before I knew it, my skirt and tube top was on the floor and Bobby had a grip on the back of my head, a hand full of thick ash blonde hair. He sat on the bed, unzipped his pants, and thrust his **** into my mouth.

"Suck it, please"

I did, gladly. I wasn't so much sucking him off as he was ******* my face. With one hand still tightly grasping by hair, the other one held my neck, just beneath my jaw, and he forced my head up and down on his ****-harshly pulling my hair. I loved it, his forcefulness almost brought me to ****** in itself-too many guys are afraid to really take a girl. All of a sudden I felt another pair of hands on my hips-I could only assume they were Dan's, I don't think Mark had recovered yet.

I felt his **** slide into my *****, still dripping with Mark's *****. "I'm not one for sloppy seconds," he commented. Then took me by surprise when began forcing his **** into my tight *** hole. The head of his ****, wet from his own pre-***, and Mark's ****, pressed hard against my puckered hole. He spread my *** cheeks, pushing harder, I winced in pain at first. Slowly, he pushed harder and harder, until his huge **** squeezed all the way deep into my ***. Slowly he began pulling his **** out-I started to protest but Bobby shoved his **** deeper down my throat.

"Let's see how much she can really take. Bobby don't shoot your load yet."

Bobby stopped ******* my face-I could only hope that Mark was planning what I hoped he was planning.

I wouldn't be disappointed.

Mark got on the bed, lying on his back, he pulled me onto him. He sat me on his, once again, hard ****. The other two needed no further instructions. Bobby got in front of me, grabbed my hair again, and started ******* my mouth-I couldn't believe how long he could go with out *******. I was getting so excited-I had only imagined that this night could really tun out this way.

Finally I felt Dan's **** against my *** hole again. Again, he pressed the head of his penis against my tight hole, slowly pressing harder and harder, until his entire huge **** was deep inside me. Then it began. He ****** my *** hard. Pounding me, while Mark pounded my ****, and Bobby pounded my face. I was in so experiencing so much pain and so much pleasure a the same time, that I started *******. The walls of my vagina spasmed, along with the walls of my rectum. I started to black out, it was so intense. Yet it didn't stop. These three guys had incredible control over themselves. They kept pumping and pounding. All of a sudden I remembered Deidra. She came over to the bed and began sucking on my nipples, one at a time giving each of them equal attention. I came again.

Still the thrusted into me. Still I came. My juices were leaking out of my *****, and Deidra began licking my *** off of Marks penis.

Bobby was first of the guys. He kept going deeper and deeper into my mouth until his **** was constantly in my throat. Fortunately I had gotten over my gag reflex the first few times he forced me to deep throat him. He held my face against his stomach and squirted his **** straight down my throat.

Then Mark came again. His ***** leaked out of my while Dan still ****** my ***. Then finally Dan squeezed my hips and shot his hot ***** in my ***. I collapsed, ***** leaking from all my orifices, and passed out. When I woke up, Deidra was lying next to me, asleep as well, and the guys were nowhere to be seen.

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