Sex For A Fourteen Years Old.

In most European countries there is a set age of consent which means there is legal recourse should a girl be 'forced' to have sex (either forcefully or by inference) although she may still be unsure about it, because of the man she is with and his agenda largely separate from any discussions between them. It may seem like actual rape, but a few girls might feel this the case, but only that they made a bad decision.

In France generally this watershed is fifteen years in age. Other countries like the Netherlands and Denmark it may be earlier, others later. It is, however, in a lot of instances a personal thing, a natural progression from previous behaviour, or an idea too compelling to dodge.

Despite being a Jewess and a regular attendee to synagogue, I was interested to know what it was all about when I was thirteen, and shortly after my fourteenth birthday I actually gave my virginity to my boyfriend Guilhem, and subsequently learned much sexually speaking.

Indeed, I love sex, the feelings I have before it, during it, and after coming. I think these feelings are essential physical or corporeal aspects of life.
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I would say .... you rock baby!

Coming from America where attitudes toward sex and nudity are so disfunctional and unhealthy, it is wonderful, in such contrast, to read your enlightened thoughts as a young European woman, and to know that your first total sexual experience at just fourteen was such a positive beginning to your sexual life. Your words . . . "I love sex, the feelings I have before it, during it, and after coming" . . . so beautifully, directly and simply express your clarity and exuberance about sex! Thank you for sharing..

Matured observation.. YES.. sex is integral part of life, and like menstruation must be periodical, as body evolves through it, like shedding the old skin & develops a new one.. and it is those who celibate quoting some reason, are the dirty people, who stink and use sex to dominate and control another human, and thereby deprive themselves in the process.

They are very natural feelings and i,m happy you feel good about sex,love and nudity

I agree,,,it's a important part of you life,,,some have a stronger desire for it than others

I think sex is a human need and nature tells us what and when to do. The imposition of legalities in personal lifestyles may have caused confusions. In my view when ever any individual reaches puberty he/she must be allowed to make the decisions and no legality should be allowed to intervene.

Of course they are. You don't seem like the kind of girl who acts without thought. What do you think your next sex lesson will teach you?

Well said. I am admiring women on here who have received an early start on their sexuality, as I was so much of a late bloomer- trying to make up for lost time in a sense. Have you had many men?

Two, now

I was 26 by the time I had my second lover. You have so much to look forward to. I would enjoy hearing when you ad lovers. Maybe we could be website friends?

That is correct, and an extremely astute observation for a person of teenage years! I expect you to be blessed witth a very fulfilling life.