Such A Sweet, Sweet Girl

We lay spent; on her back and inside her I felt the most incredible ****** I have had subsiding in unison with hers, which was still moving throughout her body. Our fingers were still entwined tightly and with each shallow breath she took in, her exhale was like a sigh as she shook with another tremor from the *******, then relaxed. I eased up and out of her with a tender kiss on the back of her neck causing a pleasant moan to escape her lips as she stayed spread across the bed. Seeing her now, as our *** dripped out between her thighs to the puddle that had already formed, she was fulfilled; but it all started with desires...

Her name was Courtney and she was beautiful in my eyes. We had some previous correspondence in which she captivated me; not just her beauty but personality - like she was a sweet little girl, and I wanted to be the daddy that she desired to have her.
It was a sunny afternoon when I arrived for a business meeting close by. She had said that as I was coming, there were some things she wanted to go over with me. We agreed to meet in the hotel restaurant where I was staying after her work. I was just finishing when she walked through the door - still dressed for the office with a loose fitting sheer white blouse, black skirt, stockings and high heels. Everything fit her perfectly and she wore it well. As she sat and I offered her a drink, we exchanged pleasantries with some small talk, but I sensed the urgency in her manner, and the sparkle in her eyes - it was time to have her. I suggested that we continue our business in my suite where it was more private after I took care of the tab. She readily agreed but had to make a quick call to say she'd be a little late, and we would meet at the elevator. I didn't take her but a moment and she was beside me with a suttle change - her top two buttons were undone now. I immediately noticed because her breasts had been my focus earlier, and she had noticed that too.
In the elevator to my floor, I couldn't take my eyes from her - maybe too obviously because she did notice, and asked if there was something wrong. "Not at all, I was just admiring you and... your breasts, I think they are perfect." She didn't miss a beat and looked down her blouse and smiled. "You think so?", she said. I smiled as we reached my floor and locked onto her butt as she walked in front of me - perfect as well. I felt a heat rising below that also agreed.
We stepped into the room and I turned and caught her as the door shut - pulling her close and giving her a deep sensual kiss. It took her by suprise for a second, but only a second. After the kiss she looked into my eyes and saw the fire for her there too, and you could tell she was ready,and waiting. Excusing herself to the bathroom to freshen-up, I went to the desk to clear the paperwork; there was a better purpose for it awaiting her return...
She came back into the room with a look of naughty abandon in her eyes. She stood in front of the desk, waiting. I told her to remove her blouse."Yes sir" she replied without hesitation and did so. They we indeed perfect and I motioned her to step closer. Taking each in hand I squeezed, then pulled each nipple with a pinch on release. She flinched, sucked in a breath, but stayed still. "Good girl" I said after a few more. I told her to bend over the desk and hold on to the other side. Picking up her skirt, I made her stand with her legs slightly apart, exposing that sweet *** for my delight. "I see you took off your panties before I told you to; that was a naughty little girl. I will decide what needs to be done for that" I said sternly. I ran my hand between her spread cheeks; yes she was nice and moist. I popped her cheeks with a slap and told her to get in front of me on the desk, putting her stocking and heeled legs on each shoulder. "Lift and hold your skirt up, show me where you're wet." She obediently complied. More of her beauty uncovered - first those perfect breasts, now a sweetly shaved ***** I could feel the heat coming from. I tasted and yes - very sweet and hot! A few more licks slow and precise, then I dived in- alternating from full licks and probing with my tongue to sucking deeply and attacking her ****. She moaned loudly as I continued my assault. I was just getting started - reaching up, I got hold of those beautiful nipples and worked them into the equation. She lost all control, and came with a quick gush that had her legs shaking... the first of many she was going to experience before this meeting is concluded.
Barely had the words "Get on your..." escaped my lips that she was down, had my pants bunched around my ankles and was working my **** in her mouth methodically, on a mission. She knew what she wanted and how to get it - I tensed and came, and she just sucked harder not missing a drop, then looking at me with a wanting smile. I stood her up and removed her skirt, heels and stockings... slowly of course, then the rest of my clothes and had her squat on the edge of the bed. Easing a couple of fingers inside that sweet slit, I started working her into a frenzy until her juices were dripping from my hand. Now, I eased my **** into her slowly but to the hilt, causing a gasp to escape from both of us - nothing like the moment of penetration. She stayed still as I increased in tempo until you could loudly hear my balls slapping her wetly. As she started to push back against each thrust, I wet a finger and pressing it to her ******* told her "this is for removing your panties before they were wet" and let her push back against it and in. Her thrusts got harder with both holes being filled, and she was starting to quiver with short, sharp breaths signaling she was about to *** again. With that I told her " and this is for the naughty girl not asking" and pulled out of her ***** and let her put me in her *** the same as she did my finger. It took her over the edge and began the next of her *******. "Stretch out on your stomach now" I told her. "Yes-sir" came out between low sobs as I continued to drive as deep as a could in her ***, using the bed for the rebound stroke. It was just too good as I felt my time coming... It was time for her biggest one too. With a deep downward thrust I layed flat, wrapped my arms under her and pulled her nipples at the same time. I felt her convulse as every fiber of her being seemed to shake, burying her face to the matress to muffle her crying out. I shot too, filling her with my load. I stretched out followed the length of her arms, our fingers gripped tightly in the waining throes. Yes, such a sweet, sweet girl....
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Jan 18, 2013