I Have No Sex Drive...no Really... I Don't

I have no sex drive….. That being said….

My husband and I have sex a minimum of 5 times a week….


Join the crowd…. You are not the first… nor would you be the last…..

I don’t know what it is about me but I could honestly never have sex again and truly be happy as can be about it. I have never had a sex drive. I just don’t care about sex. I started having sex back when I was 14 years old with my first boyfriend… we were two virgins in bed… all awkward and shy, lights off, shirts still on. My second boyfriend was not much more advanced; number three was “ok” but nothing to write home about. My 4th and current lover… my husband was another story. But even back then, I never got “horny”

If you have read any of my other stories you might be scratching your head in confusion. I tend to have lots of naughty pictures posted and write about my naughty fun. How could someone play so naughty and yet not crave sex?..... I don’t know either… but I do…or rather… I don’t…… LOL

Back before we were married and had a child we played an average of a 
couple times a week. After our son was born sex became non-existent.  There were a couple of years that it only happened a couple of times all year long. It got to be pretty bad. It wasn't that hubby and I didn't love each other… I simply had NO DESIRE to play. I didn't feel I should HAVE to play if I didn't want to. I even went to the doctor to see what was wrong with me. Doctor gave me the all clear button… I had nothing physically wrong with me… all my hormones and everything was normal and healthy. So why didn't I want to have sex… what was it? My husband and I were in this unhappy cycle of no sex. To top it off I never was a very touchy feeling kind of person. I never liked public displays of attention so he wasn't even getting that either. It was if we were more like roommates then lovers.

So one day I woke up from my selfish ways and realized sex was NEVER going to come naturally to me. That I was NEVER going to WANT it and I needed to learn to cope with that and move on. I guess I was sitting around waiting for the URGE to come up and poke me in the butt or something…lol. 

Since it was NEVER going to show up I decided to wake up. So I woke up and make a change. I have another story or two on here about the change I made in my life. You have to search through my stories and find it.

I had watched a TV special one afternoon that was this married couple and they had vowed to each other to have sex every day for a year. That it didn't matter what was happening in their life they were going to make a point to physically connect once a day. I was impressed and I didn't think I could quite pull THAT off… so I made a vow to myself (didn't tell my husband about it for months in case I failed) that I would try to show more affection and would connect with him physically at least 3 times week.

So now we have sex 5-7 times a week…. Sometimes it is just a quickie in the shower or at his work in the restroom. Sometimes it’s a nice 1-2 hour long session in the bedroom after our son has gone to bed. Someday s it’s all three!!

But to this day I still don’t desire it. I will say I enjoy the power it has. I love to tease and give my husband the “look” from across the room. I love to sneak a flash of the nipple or show him I can squish them anytime I want. I walk by him and grab his crotch or squeeze his butt. I rub my breasts up against him…. 

Anything I can do to keep him excited all day long. I love the power I have over him. He of course loves it too. He gets this playful naughty wife who shows him boobs or touches him all throughout the day.Now he has a HUGE sex drive. The man could seriously have sex all day long and still keep it up… LOL.

Alas even though we play all day with touches and teases… my panties don’t get wet. It doesn't excite me. I don’t crave other men (or women). I don’t get fantasies or naughty dreams. I don’t get sex desires. I have male EP friends who offer to show me their *****… I don’t care to see them. Why? It’s not only because I am happily married and have no need for them. But it’s just a hunk of flesh….a tool… I don’t get “turned on” by looking at some picture.
I don’t know why I am this way. I just know and understand that I am who I am. It is what it is. Am I weird? Yes… I know I am….lol
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

That's too bad! I'm sorry you are missing out on the soul connection ******* from a true desired sexual connection. I guess you get some satisfaction from at least the power sex gives a woman! It just seems a shame you can't enjoy the physical pleasure too. Just can't help but think you are missing something precious in life and it's not even your fault. The good thing is the love you give is special. We can't always control our bodies but our mines can come up with a way to meet our needs. Thanks for sharing your insite. Dc

Well... I do get plenty of physical connection. I LOVE the feel and touch and have a positively fantastic time. I just don't CRAVE sex.

No....Not weird.....just special.....MY type of special!!!!

I Love ya sexy!!!

awww.... love you too