Things ....

Some things may have changed , But my lust for you has not cooled. Far from it. You are now forbidden fruit, and I seem to want your beautiful body even more. I want to press my chest to you and feel your breath become fast and needful.Feel that **** rise next to my hip, .the head swelling to its hunger. Ready to plunge into a waiting mouth and , *****, , I have my heart under control, my loins however, need a bit more time, I have been thinking so much of just , the sheer deep lust that you still inspire in me. I want you on every part of my body. Feel you invade me, ravish me, place your emissions into me, taste you , lick you , **** you , !!!! God you still get me so hot !!You still make me drip with wanting you.. Still make my fingers,slake the need , to just take the edge from the wanting, , You still make me *** baby, just now its behind closed eyes.. mmm here we go again...... mmmmmm
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Jan 20, 2013