Sloppy Seconds....

I took my crush to the local watering hole 2 nights before graduation. His girlfriend was only she couldn't come along. She was back in his room, packing his boxes. We were drinking, getting pretty wasted and I set a key down on the bar. He said "What's the key for?". I responded "My honors classroom." He said "You have all hours access to a classroom?" "Yep, and I've never taken advantage of that...too bad I'm graduating this week and wont get the chance." "No, I can't let that happen. You're getting the chance. Finish your beer and let's roll." So, we get into the classroom which only has a large table. A crazy, pre-******* make out leaves me splayed across the table. He reaches up my dress, pulls my panties to one side and ***** me standing...and I **** him back so hard. He took me from behind then quietly whispered in my ear "I'm going to *** on your back", he thrusted into me hard then quickly pulled out and came all over my tight *** and lower back. We quietly left, running into the janitor on our way out. I drop him off at his dorm. He said "God I'm going to miss you; you're so ******* amazing." "Yeah, I'll miss you too. Say 'hi' to your girlfriend for me." I'm sure he banged her too that night, but she got my sloppy seconds.
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Great story :) I use to have sex in one of my classrooms as well. It was a huge turn on!

Nice work! No reason a girl can't have sloppy seconds too :) dc

very hot

love your posts amazing! OMG can you add me please? You look amazing! Id love to chat!


so how can we chat? do you yahoo im chat?

awesome story, thanks for sharing