I Just Need It More !

But living in a sexless marriage really doesn't help.....
johnboyuk johnboyuk
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

you need to find someone to give you an occasional bj. if you were in GA i would be happy to service you without your wife knowing

Thanks for the offer !!!!

youre welcome. just wish i could help

Alas!....you're not the only one,there are thousands,millions....correction......BILLIONS of us out here in the cold and bleak moors of NO SEX! It's like a sneaky monster that silently creeps up on your innocent libido,slowly suffocating it into being tame,then finally the 'No Sex' monster kills your libido and makes you believe that you should bury it yourself,dig the hole and perform the ceremony.......STOP! Don't let it happen! Revive your libido everyday,morning noon and night,keep it alive....********** even if you don't feel like it,think about sex when you shouldn't,stop and walk back down the street to get a glimpse of that brunette getting out of her car....there see!....knickers,YES!..this will give you a hard-on for the rest of the day,when you see your wife,cold and emotionless as she may seem,she still has a *****,and you are ready to fill it...make up stories in your head that she's been exposed to a secret serum like Spiderman was bitten by a radio-active spider......as she's talking to you,(because that's what frigid wives do,'Talk At You'),watch her **** move,see how her mouth stretches around her words,creep down the hall and peek through the crack in the door as she's washing herself.......lick your lips when you're eating,never switch stations on the TV when a couple are about to make love....turn up the sound........walk around the house in boxers sporting a huge hard-on......KEEP IT ALIVE!
Because one it's dead,it never ever comes back...;your libido has been your most faithful friend since the very first time you felt it sit up in your head,that pretty face looking back at you.....your LIBIDO!
It's been a very long time since my lady even touched me and kissed me without me asking for it....but I was an Air Cadet,and Air Cadets never,ever allow their planes to crash!