Truth Or Dare (pictures Included)

I have this new male friend that is so much fun. He is about the same age as me, married and can be quite the gentleman at times.

I am happily married and so is my friend. This friend is also a friend of my husband and we have a fun time joking and teasing back and forth. It is a very non-traditional friendship. But that is one of the reasons I like it as much as I do.

Recently my friend challenged me to a game of truth or dare.... I choice dare when it was my turn. My friend asks me to send him the naughtiest picture I have. I shared this new game with my husband and he said he would help me with the challenge. Such a good husband I have. He is truly an amazing man. Here he is laughing and joking along with me as another man just asked to see my naughtiest picture. 

I already have several Boob pictures already posted and I will not post nor ever share a kitty picture so it had me thinking for a few minutes what would be the best.

Then it hits me... I will take some boobie pictures in honor of him... now THAT can be naughty...

So I then have my husband help me as I put on one of my favorite bras and some fresh lipstick and I give one of my boobs a little kiss.

Then I had my husband write "Cowboy" on my boobs.... My new friend is a Cattleman and I like to tease him and call him a cowboy....

How do you think I did on my dare? 
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14 Responses Jan 23, 2013


You did ask.

You win the dare!

haha!... thanks

your boobs are fabulious, would love a lick.mmmmmmmmmm

lol... thank you

Superb effort!
Love the pierced nips too!


any other piercings?

Add me if you like and check out the pics of my wife if you want would love some comments on how to take better pictures your are great

will do... thanks!

I think you suceeded very well on your dare

I thought this friend of mine is also on EP... so only did I share them with him... but EVERYONE

I'd Put a rope around those anyday. Crowbar


You are such a tease. But whats naughty is your hubby helps you. I sure wish I was there to see this guys reaction!! What did he do??

Hahahahaha....Thanks I like being naughty

Mmm I could gnaw on those nipples all day long.. Beautiful breasts. Lucky hubby!

thank you!!

What a great game. You played very well. Thanks.

it was a fun little game for sure

What a good friend you are.


Pretty cool. Rock on! Nice portions by the way.

lol... thanks!!

I am sure he really liked it. Does this mean you get to "dare" him?

oh yes and that I did!!

You did great and your boobs are lovely. Mine are very small and I will make a point of showing Tommy your pics when he gets home. I am sure he will like them as much as I do.


You are such an amazing wife......I LOVE YOU ohhhh sooooo much!!!! MY "C.G.G."