No Longer Horny. . . For Now

Today was absolutley amazing. I woke up horny. I didn't have to work, i just got to lounge around the house. My contractor and his young hot assistant showed up for some remodeling. I used my vibrator during the day because I really wanted to **** the hot assistant. Well by the time my hubby got home, i was especially horny, wet and throbbing with anticipation. by the time I got the kids to bed i was about to explode. so I came to where my hubby had fallen asleep and proceeded to kiss him gently. then I slowly undid his pants and released his penis. It was screaming at me to kiss it, so I did. As I kissed it, I slowly took his **** in my mouth, slid down teasing it with my tongue and came back up. every third slide I took his **** all the way down my throat so that I was literally kissing his balls. OMG it was awesome and tasted so good. When he was nice and wet ( me too), I slowly lowered onto him. As I did this, I felt my ***** get real tight as i accepted him into me. We moved as one slowly at a time and then real fast. All the time we were *******, i could feel such immense pleasure in me. He would bite and pinch my nipples as well as scratch and spank my ***. It was tantalizing. My **** is still throbbing with excitement. Thanks honey for my "quickie" what is on the schedule for the morning?
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

great story ! l like horny women.

Amazing story.