My Hot And Beautiful Young Lover

I agree with you, I'm 46 and had a relationship a couple of years ago with a 21 y/o teacher who had a son out of wedlock. Her past relationship were with young guys at her age or a little bit older and she told me that though she enjoy sex with some of them but did not have a fantastic and explosive sex or let me say love-making with anyone of them such as she had with me. She confessed that all her past lovers were only interested in having a good **** for themselves and never care about her feelings and her full satisfaction. Once her past lovers had released their sexual libido they simply roll-off and smoke or sleep and few had a small chat after. When me met in 2009 in a restaurant where we had shared a table we immediately had that feelings that click between us and we became friends at first until a few weeks that we started to be intimate with each other, she was then a Teacher Intern and about to graduate from college. Her boyfriend is a brat and he only visited or call her when he likes to **** her no deep feelings involved. During our relationship, I had been also closed to her son of (3 y/o by that time) that makes her admire me more of me being compassionate and caring to both of them. By the way, Im a married man and I know the relationship was not right and I have no reasons to cheat my wife because we also had a very active and satisfying sex life. However, I was very attracted to Samantha (Sam) and maybe because I feel young, energetic and able when I'm with her and i felt that it's something that makes me vigorous making love with her. I simply offered her all my experiences in sex and make her feel the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire of need or gratification in lovemaking. She had told me that she never experienced such shattering ******* when I make love to her especially when she's on top that I touch her all over her body complementing how good she was and when I insert a finger in her anus while she rubs her **** gyrating in a fast motion she **** in a tremendous ****** after ******* that she moans so loud and kept shouting my name... after her ******* subsides she will lay motionless on top of me while I kiss her passionately keeping my still fully erect hard penis inside her wet and dripping ***** until she recovers and we will change position ******* her missionary lifting her legs in my arms or shoulders where I **** her for 30 or more mins starting with a very slow and passionate thrusting going deeper and deeper of her so wet and tight ***** and then gaining my phase to **** her faster and rougher until she can no longer contain her ******* ******* so wild and crazy with loud moans and yelling I love you at the height of her *******. She really had a rattling or howling ******* that she said it was so wonderful and terrific that it really makes her weak and seems that her body was in trance and her mind is so focused on the sweetness of her ******* that she would not like that our bodies would part away after both of us had ***. Another sexual experience she had with me is that when I had hit her G-spot while I was eating her sweet wet *****, while I was licking and sucking her **** I had two fingers inside her exploring her g-spot with a "come on" motion and when I my fingers hit the jackpot and continue rubbing it while I lick, bite and suck her **** she begun to tremble and had this uncontrollable spasms after spasms... and WOW she gushed a lot of liquid in my face and she had her first squirting *******! It is like that I had washed my face with all that *** that straightly squirted in me and she told me after that she though that she had peed during that earth shaking ******* that she had... I just smiled and said that "Baby you just had a squirting ******!" OMG that is so amazing she replied and she hug me so tight and warmth tears fell down on my chest as she uttered "I Love You So Much" you complete my life as a woman... And I kiss her with so much passion and love and after which we had tried all the positions you can imagine satisfying our sexual needs to the extreme for hours until our physical well being can no longer sustain our intense and extraordinary lovemaking. With her age she's so hot and she demands a lot of sexual attention because of what she had experienced with me that whenever she feels horny she will always surprised me a visit in the office for a break time quickie, in my apartment for an early morning sex and sometimes in unusual places like in the movie house, parking lots inside the car, and once tried in the restroom of a local bar late in the evening and finger ****** her in a restaurant. Sometimes I feel not in the mood to have sex with her but she always find ways to make me horny and has already studied my weaknesses on how to make my **** grow big and hard. When she's so horny or turned-on she seems insatiable in sex that we could **** for three days straight in a stolen vacation and what's funny is that the chamber maid who changes the linen in our hotel room always had a smile in her face because every time she change the bed sheet its always wet from ***... I told her one time that she's craving to much sex from me and might get oversexed and she told me that I am her life and its my fault that I taught her how to love sex and enjoy it to the fullest that's why she takes all the possible opportunities to be with me and savor the sweetness of love-making. And for these reason that she was not interested to all the young guys who shows interest to her and those who tries to woo her. This wonderful relationship and demanding sex life of mine ended when Sam and her son migrated to Australia through the petition of her parents on December 2011. Before her departure we spend a night of unforgettable sex that seems endless sexual satisfaction that I came six times overnight and she with countless multiple shattering ******* and yet neither of us does not want to separate from each other... but we have to accept the reality that we have our own separate life to live on for our families and for a better life. It really hurts to say goodbye but our memories together will live forever in our hearts and in our minds. Time will tell when we meet again.

I hope you like my sharing. Have a lovely day.
olbi olbi
41-45, M
Jan 24, 2013