Can'T Get Enough

Just wondering. Does anyone else out there get upset or really agitated without sex? I considered going to my doctor to confess my addiction to sex but imagined him sending me to a sex addicts anonymous type of group and totally defeating the object by shagging everyone there. Fantasy or fear? Do tell.
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Where can i find a group like that?

As long as we find healthy outlets I don't see a problem!

i can't imagine myself living without sex ! The less i make love,yhe more i get nervous and "frustrated" ,but once i make love,i feel relaxed and cool ! I love sex , 7days a week,24hoursut of 24 hours !

Yea, I used to, but now I have much less intense emotions....

Ideal thing to do, though, is just have more sex. Enjoy life as much as possible.

great idea. sign me up.

I also have a high sex drive, and I control it sometimes with ************!

I think ************ can increase or diffuse it a bit, but it doesn't really control anything... if you want control (not that you need to ALL the time), working on higher mental functions and focusing energy there would be better. Be boss of your body rather than lead by a wild horse.

If you want control. Nothing wrong with being a wild horse, either, if that is what you want.

I very recently challenged myself to go a whole month without sex. At the start it wasn't too bad as I immersed myself in work, but before long I was thinking about it constantly until I eventually succumbed. The only thing I learned was that forcing yourself to go without just doesn't work. I agree with the person who said that, provided you don't create difficulties or bad consequences for yourself, you should just get on with it and enjoy it.

Addiction? Maybe. Ask yourself.....does your behavior make your life difficult or create bad consequenses in any way? If not, I think you are just a rare free spirit. Enjoy it while you can.

I don't think you can be addicted to sex, so not getting any won't cause withdrawll , lol
However, some people do have very high sex drives and when thier needs are not met,, they get a little bitchy and on edge. Try extra ************,, may not take care of the problem, but will take the edge off.

Hey you think this one is real or bogus?

my girl frend works nights so most of the time i am on my own i like to lay on the bed and play with her toys and just ********** a lot

You horny devil you. X

well needs must i have a big appetite i **** until she cant go any more i just love sex

You are not an addict and you do not need a Doctor, what you need is a daily dose of sex, at least one a day for 365 days and then see how you feel afterwards.

I love feeling this way,We just need partners that feel the same way!

I feel the same.

i feel the same way as you i get mad when i dont get sex im like a sex freaky i like to do anything i just think its a fanatasy

Your normal not addicted. Some just need it more than others. I get very cranky if i dont have it enough

My wife is the same, if she starts to get crankly we stop and figure out the last time we had sex (usually been awhile, kids and other stuff get the way) so we schedule some time together and she always gets in a better mood after she has had "the high hard one"

Everyone needs sex, although few will openly admit to that. I don't believe you are a sex addict. My wife acused me of being one and when I went to therapy for it, I realized that I was normal, having sex everyday or several times a day with a good partner is not an addiction. You likely need a partner that can stay with you.

Yes I agree with you. I also feel that addict is a term too easily bandied about however I don't seem to function without sex. My moods are affected, I can't focus. I go from sex high to high. I don't know how to cut back

Why should you cut back? You may need to find someone who can stay there with you.

Do you consider yourself to be an addict?

No I do not!