4th Of July Best Sex Ever

This is my first story so I'm going to go over my backround before I begin. I am currently 25 years old an hav a sister 12 years older than me we grew up in a household that was just me her and my mom my dad was killed in combat. My mom bathed us until we were 14. I do consider myself to hav a large penis at 10" erect. I lost my virginity at the age 14. I'm going to start the story now. It was 4th of July weekend and I was 23 years old all my friends were away so I decided to go with my sister to her friends house. When we got there I realized her friend was hot she had d boobs. We had a few drinks but didn't get drunk my sister asked what's that pointing to something on the side of her house se responded a outdoor shower. Her next question was do you use it often she said once a week usually. My sister asked do you get naked in there as we were in a suburban neighborhood so the neighbors were close by she responded yes I put an extra grid fence across it so the neighbors can't see me. I was thinking in my head oh how hot that must be. Later when we were all asleep so I thought I woke up I wanted to see if she slept naked. I walked into her room and see her awake on the bed se noticed and asked what I was doing I told her the truth. She giggled and said wanna take an outdoor shower I quickly said yes and she brought me downstairs we walked outside she began to get undressed so I did the same I got down to my boxers when I noticed she was wearing a g string. I looked up and she said aren't you going to take those off I pulled them down and she said wow ur a big boy I blushed and watched as she undressed. She took her bra off and pulled her g string off she turned around and I got hard se let out another giggle. She had very big nipples and a hairy *****. We stepped into the shower and she turned a light on this was a full shower it even had a bench I was rather surprised as we actually began washing not having sex I was a little disappointed and wanted to hav sex she sat Down on the bench and put me over her knee she was washing me and she washed everywhere even up my ***. She said now u clean me I immediately grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them she giggled I began washing her and washed everywhere except her ***** and butt as I was leaving them for last. I said I need to shave your ***** it slipped out she giggled and said go ahead I spread shaving cream all around and in and that's when I came for the first time she laughed. I shaved her bare and she said thank you. I had her bend over the bench so I could wash her butt I scrubbed her cheeks and felt them. Se had a very big ***. I rinsed her off and when I was done I slapped her *** twice. She said spank me please I gave her 20 spanks making sure to touch her *** as much as possible. When I was done I asked can we hav sex she said yeah do whatever you want I dropped down to my knees as her still bent over I spread her butt cheeks and started licking her ******* and put my tounge in it. After a few minutes of that I stop up and started ******* her in the *** she started moaning and I came in her ***. I then spun her around and dove face first into her ***** eating her for 2 minutes I popped up and ****** her for around 10 minutes in her ***** I actually repeated that then she said my turn. She got up and dropped to her knees and sucked my **** until I came she swallowed It and bent me over the bench and started licking my ******* for around 10 minutes she then said fist me I took my whole fist and put it in her ***** I put it in and got halfway up my forearm she moaned and when I pulled my arm out and jizzed all over her face we actually repeated tht one more time and she said I'm getting tired lets start to finish I sucked on her boobs, *****, and ******* and jizzed on her boobs one more time we then rinsed off she then said can we lay in the street for a while I said sure and we lauded there naked and she fell asleep I woke her up and we rinsed off as the street was dirty. This was the best sex I ever had and want to bang her again when I see her, we went back to her room and she said can u dress me I'm tired I put her in a and said go to sleep I didn't fall asleep the rest of the night when we woke up and were getting ready to drive home she winked at me and whispered come over as much as u want and grabbed my **** she said safe home and we drove home. This really happened and if u hav any questions or comments what so ever leave them below I am happy to answer any questions.
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Wow what great sex you got a piece of everything she sounds like a beautiful girl