Hottest Wash Up

This is a true story i know im a **** but im proud so here it goes. i meet a guy and i played easy to get so this is how it starts . He comes back dirty from chopping wood and asks me for a wash up i agree and say yes .
im in shorts & a sport bra i make him sit on the couch while i ride him and start unbuttoning his shirt & stroked his chest & neck then started sucking his nipples
licked him from his belly button up to his face and then planted kisses on his lips making him feel the heat of my tongue. He was surprised & said "you only know me for one day & already know what i like " he loves having his nipples touched & sucked , it drives him wild . He was overwhelmed by my teasing , licking & sucking.
Then i unzipped his pants with my teeth and lightly tapped up & down his shaft & then stroked down his length with one hand then wrapped my hand around the head of his penis and slide it up & down and then i took his penis between my open palms & i very lightly bat it back and forth he moaned AAAHHHHHHHHHHH HMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH " & stared at me with big eyes.... then i interlocked my fingers around his shaft, and placed the pads of my both thumbs on the underside & press firmly, massaging dime-size circles into his sweet spot, moving my right thumb clockwise and my left thumb counterclockwise.then i approached him from behind and rubbed my breasts against his sudsy back, then i reached around to stimulate his penis i grabbed his erect shaft using a fistlike grip with my thumb near the tip, and used an up-and-down ******* motion
"ohhhhhhhhhh i feel a dry ****** coming up.... my body is getting tense under your caresses, pulses of excitement wave through my body! The feeling you give me is so intense!" he said.
finally i took both of his testicles into my mouth and hold it and swirl my tongue around and suck gently.
"ohhhhh fuckkkkkkk! i'm so rock hard now!!!your sucking feels so good! " he said While i sucked his balls,he grabbed my hand and putted it on his buttocks! he loved to have his booty rubbed while i sucked him.
after i finished i whispered "dont i deserve a treat for all this hard work"
he said "hmmmmmmm yeah baby! you deserve to be treated like a **** princess!"
he took my arms, and made me stand up. he turned me around and placed me hands against the wall, and made me bend over him so he can have a great view over my *** and *****... he said "you look wonderful in your sportsgear!" he took my panties and pulled them down....he knelt down and putted his hands on my side, and let them slide down to my booty, he started to massage it..." mmmmm how you feel so soft and firm... you have the sexiest booty in the universe..." he whispered.meanwhile he kissed my ears... & nibbled on them....after nibbling my ears, he made a wet trail with his tongue down my sexy back... he kissed my booty and then slide his tongue between my asscrack.... "mmmmmmmmm you are so sensual!" he said & i began moaning his tongue found my little ******* and teases it.... his hands were now on my tummy, tickling my bellybutton and sliding it down to my pub.i pushed my sexy *** against his face! "you like to be licked on the *** baby?"he asked me i just moaned "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,id like to licked everywhere dadddddyyyy " his tongue slid further down to my *****.... "mmmmmmm your intimate perfume motivates me to tickle your pussylips with the tip of my tongue" was what i heard.... he made circles around my *****, teasing it....i moaned "mmmmmmm" his tongue now slides in my little lovehole slowly! "mmmmmm what a taste! Délicieux!!!!!" he whispers in my ears.
he stops licking, and makes me come to the bed with him. he orders me "come sit on my face! i want you to spread all of your pussyjuice on my face... i wanna see your breasts above me..." he rides his mouth now with my *****, his tongue ******* me deep and the tip of his nose rubbing my **** he feel my juice flow out of my lovehole. right in his mouth and over his face.... his hands grab my ***.... pulling my asscheeks open and his finger finds my little ******* he pushes it against it and feeling his finger slide in slowly "ohhhh fuckkk! your *** feels so tight...." he tells me meanwhile he pulled his tongue out of my ***** and starts sucking my ****.... "beg me ****, beg me to eat you all out, and to suck your **** till you ***" he screamed his finger now was in my *** deeply he holds still for a minute and then starts ************* my tiny hole. "eat eat eat eat me up dadddy daddy fffffffuuuuucckkk my hole up gooooooo innnnnnn deeeeeeep mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" i shouted .
after ************* me for a few minutes he pulls his finger out, and now pushes in 2 my *** was so ******* tight around his fingers they slide in slowly making sure he won't hurt me juice now flows out massively over his face... he can't get enough of drinking it and tasting it.... "your ***** on my face feels so good..." he tells me "i dont care if i get hurt as long as your happy" i tell him.
i ride his face hard... making him feel body getting spasms.... "i feel you are about to *** on my mouth.... your juice almost squirts over my face come on baby, *** for me, *** on my face, you nasty little ****" he orders me.
his fingers ******* my *** deep and fast.... sliding in n out....
"come baby, let me hear you enjoy my treatment" he shouts
& i start moaning & screaming "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
After i ***, he ordered me to turn around On his face... & he started On licking my **** ****... And i swallowed his ****. "Ohhhhh I love ur warm mouth over my ****! your sucking makes me lick you harder" he whispered
"licccckkkkkk my skin offfff" i ordered him in a sluty way. and his tongue ***** my ***** deep... "It's tight and warm around my tongue!!! Ohhhjjj fucccckkkk hmmmmmmmm. your sucking makes me feel about to *** go on baby suck me deep and hard" he yelles out. his lips suck my pussylips while my tongue is deep inside. Feeling his *** shooting up my shaft! Ohhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHH as he shoot his *** out i licked it off then cleaned up his **** from any *** "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yessssss" & he smiled
"Lie down on the bed baby, d spread open wide for me" he ordered me .
as he come on top of me and pushed his hard **** slowly against my pussylips he teased it "will I enter? hmmmmmmmm" he rubbed his cockhead over my pussylips teased my **** and then, slide it in slowly "oohhhhhhhhh your ***** around my **** is so tight! mmmmmmmmm what a *****! best ***** in the world!" he whispers and kisses my neck i was moaning & yelling for him to **** me deeper.
he starts to **** me, slowly and passionately..... back and forth... all the way in, all the way out....
after he enjoyed my ***** hard enough he pushes his **** out so fast making me scream out of pain, then kisses me softly .
he is the HULK i enjoyed my time with him alooooooot & cant wait to hoook up again with him
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come here my little girl ur daddy wants to talk to u.when u come sit on ur daddy's lap facing u feel my c o c k underneath u start to twitch and swell as u start to grind on it in little side to side movements.i see ur nips start to grow hard an erect through ur top as u smile at me as u run u tongue over ur lips.thats when u see ur daddy's face change as u tease me.when u feel my hand come up and rub ur neck gently at first making u push down harder against my c o c k.when I grab a hand full of hair as I pull it down wards making u look upwards.i lean in and whisper in ur ear so my dirty slutty wants to tease her daddy do u . well now I have to punish u my little ****.as I pull back from ur ear I lean down an bite ur hard nips one until u whimper u will be a good girl.when I look up and see the lust and fear in ur eyes.i tell u to late my ****.u want to act like a dirty little ***** for ur daddy.well then from now on ur my c o c k ***** *** **** understood my dirty slutty daughter what is my **** daughters answer did this excite her/u am make u want more then tell ur daddy want to be his little obedient **** daughter. well baby I am so looking forward to seeing ur pics if they r half as good as ur stories.well I hope to hear from u soon k

That did it. You made me *** like a fountain. God I loved that. Especially you calling him daddy and the great anal stuff!

Wow.. You certainly have the technique down! Such an expert at such a young age!

Very well written I too love eating a hot ***. What a lucky fella

That's what I call a good ****, I would be your daddy and lick your little ******* any time. My **** is throbbing and leaking pre *** without me even touching it from reading that. I'm sat in my office on night shift with a massive hard on now! You are amazing!!

Nice. I'll *** chop your wood any time....