Under Sexed

I have been married five years and I have to beg my wife for sex I'm lucky if I get it once a week and I'm Horney all the time I hate
fatlover19 fatlover19
26-30, M
1 Response Oct 25, 2013

ILIASM candidate. (ILIASM=I Live in a Sexless Marriage). Don't do this to yourself. You will wind up stressed, frustrated, depressed and putting on weight. Don't settle. There are sexual women out there who would like to be with a decent man. Give yourself a chance. It is OK if you want to take her to counseling and make sure she understands that a man's needs are valid. She will be happier if she is more sexual too. Now, if you suck as a lover, then develop some skill so that sex will be fulfilling for her. But DON'T settle for a sexless marriage. You would be better off with a cheating wife than a sexless wife.