I Love Sex With My Husband

I love Sex too....with my husband, that is! Sex has never in my life, since I started having sex, that is, been so great, until I began dating and then married my husband. The two of us are so ******* hot together, but the other thing...we know each other so perfectly, and we are extremely intimate. There could never, and I mean never, be another man in my life, and I wouldn't want there to be. I love my husband so much, and he is so good to me and loves me for exactly who I am, and I have never had anyone in my life love me unconditionally before, and I know that has an effect on our sex life. Before, I thought sex was somehow connected with love, like the sexual act itself was what love was, but that isn't true. Now I know that it's the other things that you do for each other every single day....the caring, the nurturing, the relationship that you have with your husband, and sex is just like the "perk", you know? Sex is all in your mind, and when you're completely in love, it's so much better and healthier. I hope I explained what I'm trying to say here....LOL!!

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Me, too!!! :)

I'm very happy that you have found someone that gives you so much pleasure in so many ways. Congratulations! :-)

you've explained it rather well i think! makes perfect sense to me anyway :)