Oral Sex

There is , to me at least nothing more satisfying than oral sex and as surprisingly  I prefer to give it than receive it, although that is pleasurable as well. However, that being said the absolute pleasure that I derive from licking softly and fingering that most precious place while the a woman writhes  is a big turn on for me.

I don't know if all women enjoy this but if one takes his time and I seldom rush i, it has produce dmnay wonderful times.

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Yeah and who said that it was bad to get my girlfriend pregnant and your talking about ******* oral sex...? Ha I don't think so

What a three old posting about oral sex has to do with you a 19 year old boy impregnating a 15 year old girl absolutely escapes me.

Well so what she is my life and the baby is my future. I would take my life for her and the baby. I'm going tot be that father that never gives up on his family and makes sure that they are taking care of and feed

I get pleasure from giving pleasure and always have.

damn. is it getting hot in here? I suppose you know what a turn-on it is to hear from guys how much they LOVE going down on a woman... at least to me.

Z: I always knew you and I were long lost loves!

Handlebars you are absolutely right about this and tweaking their erect nipples at the same time just causes them to sqirm even more. <br />
<br />
Making a woman come by oral stimulation , which I will do for as long as than want, it makes my **** harder than ever and at the opportune time and on her command is used in whatever fashion she wishes. Pleasing a woman completely is a big, big turnon for me.

I have to say that a woman is most beautiful when aroused completely orally. It has to be that for those precious moments she has given up all those inhibitions and is completely yours. I so miss that, Wish it was a daily ritual,

ohhh yeah.. what a good boy you are :) I love when you studs can make my world spin when you go down on me.. hmmm.. yeah! I love pleasuring you boys too! My favorite thing to do is to make my men moan while I .... well.. you know... yup.. overall, oral is hot !

Yes YEs YESsssssssssssssssssssajf;og hi l;dffm lol.

lol! Sounds like it's my lucky day...oops I mean week!<br />

2 for 1 offer all week Pixie ;o)

And then there's always the "68"......<br />
<br />
You do me and then I owe you one ~wink~

Dingus...I can never concentrate enough to do it properly in 69. Taking turns is better, then i can devote ALL my attention to the job at hand ;o)

No Zorbas I am pretty sure that was <br />
How do you circumcise a whale?<br />
Send down four skin divers.<br />
But I realize I deviate from the subject.oral sex is great,,for me ,I like the 69 then you both get that pleasure

I so agree with you, to watch a women from below, and make her feel that much pleasure, nothing better. from start to finish

That is the old joke about a man who believed in reincarnation and wished to come back as whale with a hundred pound tongue and the ability to breathe through a hole in the top of his head...

Oh Mewold!! You are always UP for anything aren't you?<br />

Then you might be a hurmit, dingus.

Yes sometimes I wish I had a tounge 10 inches long and could breath through my ears

Pixelita, maybe he needs to turn her over. Although I would have no problem with that eighter.

I just had a conversation on another thread where the lady said he lover doesn't like it because he doesn't like the way she tastes...

I have never expected you to be less than this.

:-) Thank you Zorbas! ~wink~<br />
I can be a little fiesty when men tell me no... lol!!

Pixelita..I couldn't refuse you anything ..Of course I would!

lol!!! ;-)

Zorbas...receiving oral sex is wonderful...if your partner asked you to pleasure yourself at the same time would you?

I've been told i like it too much! <br />
<br />
I would be happy with just that sometimes. My pleasure is all about her pleasure.<br />
<br />
Silken honied warm musky folds and secret places to be welcomed into... my idea of heaven!

"Have you ever noticed how much they look like orchids? Lovely!"<br />
<br />
Lazarus Long in "Time Enough for Love" by R.A.Heinlein.

i think we all love sex. just some of us alittle more than others! ha ha

You could have written that for me zorbas!

(Pant, pant...) Too hot!

OMG! You are the man I dream about!! lol! A man who truly likes giving oral sex - a man who takes his time - a man who is turned on by the pleasure he sees his woman receivng. Why do you have to live on the other side of the world??!!! In the words of all the best post cards - "wish you were here"!!! :)