I love sex, I like the way that a man feels as he is touching my body in all the right spots. The way he kisses my flesh and caresses my body ever so gently with his hands. Sex is a wonderful thing when shared with two people that feel the same towards one another.

However just having sex for the sake of it is not as good as having it with someone that you are in love with.

With that being said having sex with a person you have chemistry with, the burning inside ( I'm sure you know what I am talking about) is wonderful also. You can feel passion, lust and oh so much more. 

That is what I like the most.LOL 


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lonleywoman<br />
A lot of people fall lust, and it lasts for years,some fall in lust and it only lasts for a few months, A few people are lucky enough to actually fall in love, and it lasts a life time, believe me those are few and far between. even though you are in love doesnt mean it will last forever. so you just have to hope you are right in your choice, and go for it, Iv been there a 1000 times .

Sometimes, you can have the chemistry and the passion, but the rest just isn't there. It makes for fantastic sex, but not much of a relationship.

I love sex also, but .....I have never had a one night stand in my life, cant do it, dont want to do it , If it is with some one you know and have feelings, maybe not always love, but long time friends at the least, it makes it more then just sex .Love is not finding someone to live with;<br />
it's finding someone you can't live without

yes i agree with all of you

And if it is with your soul mate....knocks your socks off.<br />
<br />
Not that I were sock while making love. But you get the picture. You know that feeling that the top of your head just blew off. <br />
Oh hell that wasn't a good choice either. I think I will shut up.

Sex is wonderful but much more intense and passionate with someone you are very attracted to or in love with.

It's refreshing to know that men feel that way!! :-)

Yes. Sex is so much better when it is with someone I am really attracted to. Otherwise, I would just as soon be by myself.

Oh I think that men prefer sex with someone they have intense feelings for. At least I do.

Sex is a wonderous thing lonleywoman....<br />
<br />
I think it's more important to us women for feelings to be involved...I'm not so sure about the men folk... :-)

I just love sex, expecially if someone is there with me.

ooh i agree totally!!

i got goosebumps reading your story. Wonderful! You have captured a feeling i need badly too.