Have a Seat Right Here!

I love it when she gets off sitting on my lap facing me, or in "reverse cowgirl" positions. When she rides until she gets it, and wont stop there. Then turn around and throw one leg over my shoulder and shove my face in it while standing on the other. When she cant stop gushing and slams herself down on me as if she was trying to put out a fire on my lap, over and over again!

I love it! Need it! Crave it! and I gotta have it!

AmericanBoy AmericanBoy
31-35, M
4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Well There are many things I havent done yet either, and I'm not about to pull out my list because I dont wanna bore you all with it.<br />
There are a few things like ********** and lollipops that are there, but I just havent gotten to that experience.

Uncut is great!

Forward or back is ok. I just don't like nutral.

You know...I've never done the "reverse cowgirl"...<br />
<i>Pixelita grabs her pencil....</i> <br />
That's another thing to add to my "list"...OK...That's #2....right after have my way with an uncircumcised man....