The Whole Shebang.

I have some amazing sex with my boyfriend-it would be very wrong to compare him to my previous partners,but in hindsight this is a relationship that I'm in,and the other times weren't,and he satisfies me in all the right places.

Take last Sunday for instance:  We had both come back from visiting our respective families,and I met up with him when I arrived back in Manchester and we went to his flat. When we got back I lay in his bed as I was shattered from the travelling,and he joined me. As he held me close,I felt his bulge and I couldn't resist making a few jokes about how it was pleased to see me. He seemed to be in agreement with that,and we kissed each other hard,and he rubbed his hands over my chest area,but I felt a bit shy because I was so turned on by his erection that I had to stop him. But he told me that he did want it,so we carried on.

After undressing,he made me writhe on the bed as he drew his thumb down the middle of my bare foot,then he inserted his finger inside me and it felt so good that I moaned in ecstasy until he stopped. He then pleasured himself,and then played with my breasts (and he knows how to stimulate them without hurting me-which is what many men have failed to do),and made himself hard again while looking at me. We then proceeded to full sex,and usually he doesn't make much noise,but the guttural sounds that he was making as he thrust deep into me while we were in missionary really turned me on. We then did two more positions,the best of them being me on top (he thrust up into me,and held onto my hips as I worked with him-I love the heady feeling that I get from it,as well as the look on his face as her does it),and missionary again,when we both came together.


This is the sort of sex that I have been dreaming of since I first started having sex-and when we do have it,it's just an unbelievable feeling being with him.

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Great story babe ! Sex with emotions or in love sex is always more passionate and hotter ! you are sexy and hot, young too. you will ge great ! xo

We're now not together,very much single and happy with that.

Congratulations on finding a person you feel comfortable with.

S'ok my love-sex with the one you love is pretty awesome! Came back from London yesterday-and couldn't wait to see him and we made love in the evening :)

thanks for the story- sounds pretty amazing!

OB89, ummmm ohhhhh ummmmm wooowwwww OMG, that is pretty amazing sex.... thanks for sharing