Ok so yes I do love sex but me and this guy had a disagreement that I want to know some other opinions on...

Ok so we were talking about the possibility of getting real serious and living together and who would do dishes and blah blah then of course sex came up and he says we have to have a ********* 3 nights a week. I disagree and tell him we should only have ********** like once a month or so as that random fun thing we did that time. So we debate this back and forth and I tell him it bothers me that sexy with only me isn't satisfying enough. He says it has nothing to do with me not satisfying him bcuz I do but it's about how much fun it can be. He knows I can be quite insecure so just the thought of sharing my guy with some other woman that often is disturbing. To me it wouldn't feel like we are together and all in love and crap it would feel more like a freaky roommate situation. I'm selfish and I don't like sharing but I do really like sex and I really love sex with him and I feel like one ********* a month is being generous.

What do y'all think?
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********** can be fun now and then, but every week? Thats way too much.

I need 1 on 1 raw, animal sex on the reg. 2 girls at once is too much to focus on. I need one very wet, very willing, fertile young ***** to *** in. That's what my body craves. Everything else can wait.

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I agree completely. 3 to 4 times a week, it could seem like you are a prop rather than the main attraction. Once a month (or so.. not to set a watch by it) sounds a lot more fun and they become the prop between the two of you.

I think you rock.

Ask can you have a dude then and see how my h his facial expression changes.

Maaaan, I'd say once a month or two. If yall get too comfortable with a girl, or HE gets to comfortable with a girl or extra company, he is liable to slip up when you aren't around. Take this from one man about another, no matter what he says, he is a man. Besides, ********** three times a week is really kind of intimate depriving. If it's fun, then it needs to be like a movie deal, you only go when a movie you like comes out, not all the time. And if he says three times a week, then offer to throw in a guy of your choice into the mix, say its only fair that he be fair about it if he is demanding. If he can't live to his own standard on you, that standard doesn't need to be in the equation.

if he really love you he would want to give you what you want and want to know what you want like a ********* with 2 guys and one girl with would be more enjoyable for you unless you like to have sex with girls with is cool too

Got to with your gut. I have been with the same women over 30 years never had a 3 some never wanted one.
Who says a 3 some has to be with 2 girls 1 guy what would happen if you flipped it a couple times a week with 2 guys 1 girl will he still want one?

I would have too

Most guys are happy if they get one ********* a life time, he should of been kissing your *** if you gave him one a month

You should enjoy sex for the sex. (Lots of *******) And keep your feelings out of it. Love and sex are two different things.

Do what you feel is right

I agree once a month would be a treat.

You are real its cool, maybe this guy ain't for you it could cause more serious problems later babe x

You mean your are planning to fall in love?

The specifications n haggling is really funny ... Both need experience to see if each can accomodate the other in life..

How about once every two weeks, to start, if that works for you then great! If not adjust.

He's an *** glad you kicked him out that's BS to ask someone **** should be.lucky you were even OK with once a.month that's more then I would ever ask in a lifetime as ********** are not all they claim to be

Planned ********** demotes you to booty call status, because he's just feathering his nest and you happen to be available. In my opinion, he's basically saying that you're not enough.

Personally, if in a relationship, ********** should be a special treat, to everyone's 100% agreement,not a scheduled 3 times a week thing.

I agree with you. Sharing him once a month would be exceedingly generous. From my perspective, if he isn't inclined to commit to just you (no sharing), then he's not the right guy for you even if the sex is good beyond belief. If two people are committed to each other, they can work out whatever type of play is mutually agreeable, but if they don't start that way, I expect they're heading for a breakup.

It's hard to give up something so pleasurable, but to find a guy who is going to me committed to you, you have to be committed to you first. You did the right thing.

Tell him to bring a guy, see how he feels then

Then use that aganist him

I envy him that you're willing to as often as you do!
I am contemptuous of him that he's being a douche about it, and not respecting your boundaries.

Heh - I am deeply, massively appreciative of my wife just for encouraging me go with another couple for a *********, once, ever!
Your guy is going to be kicking himself SO HARD, and so deservedly :) Well done on you for being independent and strong-willed, and not letting yourself get controlled into things you didn't want.

You are right.

Make two a month 1 FFm. 2 mmf and see what he thinks the jerk

Seems fair though or do a 4some or just swap couples

You can always kick him to the curb and get a better man

Give it time as cute as you are in your photo it won't be long

Your welcome it's true I'm in missouri

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I support and agree with you breaking it off with him. It sounds more like him wanting his cake and eating it too more than a spicy sexual thing to keep things alive. He did not respect your level of interest in this matter which tells me he was only doing it for himself, also the fact that he would not invite other guys which would play more into your likes. This tells me he was only doing so for himself and chances are would never truly be serious with you in the long run. Sounds like he was trying to be selfish and controlling. A true lover that cared about you would mix things up and do things your way also. Aside from this yes I agree that a three some should be a once in a while thing JUST to spice things up. 3 times a week? I know guys that would die to have this 3 times a life. Good call for you and stick to your guns.

You can do much better and I am sure you deserve to. Be true to yourself and never settle for less then what you deserve. There will always be someone that will be willing to meet you half way and not try to turn you into something your not.

In my opinion. If you both define your relationship as a couple, a month or special events is generous. If a poly relationship, what all parties agree to, is what goes.

May you continue to find good lovers to share your body and pleasure with!

Is that others are closed out completely, as in no friends of the opposite sex? OR do you feel you can have a deep and meaningful relationship without sex involved besides you partner?

Sounds like he doesn't respect your boundaries and wants sex with other women more often than you knew. Maybe try an open relationship? If not, personally, I would break up with someone I want to get serious with but they want other females all like that. I wouldn't be able to trust someone who seriously wants sex with three other females every week! Where would you even find these women? Be careful of stds which you could easily get through oral. What if he accidentally got one pregnant? I have friends who got knocked up with condoms or the pill. God speed

It should be spontaneous and fun:)

Ya that doesn't sound like fun