Ok yes I do really enjoy sex and I sometimes post about sex but doesn't mean I'm jumping into every freak that comes alongs circle!
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I enjoy sex as well I guess I can say I love it lol . With the right person , it can be a very loving experience but yet freaky and mind blowing too lol. Us as women, have higher standards and were picky about who we sleep with so when we talk about it men think they can get it NOT!!! Lol

I love sex too but I'm not a freak . Would you add me to your circle ?

When will I know ?

Freak? That about us nice guys?

Hmm... I only really know how to be a nice guy. I try to win them over with thoughtfulness and my sarcastic wit.

Does that work on you?

Okay. So noted, sexy girl. You like tall white guys?

Substance? Dammit... That's waayyyy harder to pull off.

No, seriously, tall and white is a snap. I'll see what I can do... You seem interesting.

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Food for you honey

Haha! Well said. There are some right idiots around! Thanks.