Who doesn't?

Can't imagine why?

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

he didnt say making love , he said sex, its tw0 different things , don't be mixed up ....

I think there is a lot of people that DONT just have sex. MANY, yes MANY ONLY make love and give into it only when emotions are involved.<br />
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G, I 'm with you making love is a great feeling, I think that there is no such thing of not enjoying it.<br />
It is more like not being with someone who can make you enjoy it :P

are you telling me that your is heart involved with everyone you whatever you do with.??<br />
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please....you expect me to believe that...<br />
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We are mammals, making love/having sex is a natural state of embracing that one person whom we love. <br />
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Animalistic, no I can't agree. Not when the heart is involved. More like a spiritual union.

i dont know about other people, i believe its scared , and it matters who we are with . other than that its pure animal.<br />
i speak for myself