I come home and find you nude blow drying your hair after freshly showering. The noise of the hair dryer covers up my steps as I walk up behind you in a trance caused by the beauty of your body. I gently kneel down kissing your cheeks and slide a finger in. This startles you but you are instantly overcome by pleasure. You set the dryer down not turning it of and lean against the counter. Your legs shake and your holos gyrate with every flick of the tongue. The dryer covering your moans and screams of ecstasy. You can only take it for so long before you turn around and jump on the counter grabbing my member and hiding it in. You squeeze and pull me into you deeper and deeper. Everything else in the world is meaningless as we get lost in the satisfaction and lustful state gleaming from our eyes. Rhythmically gyrating with each other bringing us to the point if no return. Your back arches and my legs begin to shake as I near the end. Our bodies tremble as ***** begins to slip past all restrictions of your body filling you to the brim. We collapse into one another in pure bliss and exhaustion not wanting this moment to ever end
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Aug 21, 2014