OMG I just had the best sex of my life last night! It was so amazing. We had sex for like 2 hours and I just kept cuming. I've never had multiple ******* before but l can't even count how many I had last night. The g spot is an amazing part of the body.
I just had to share with someone :)
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The g-spot urethral sponge is amazing. I got my wife (ex) now but she squirted to the end of the bed, it was quite the arch of her jizzum. I went down on her instantly as I wasn't even touching her when she let the juice loose, I lapped and sucked her clean right thru another gasm, so sweet sucking up her ***, I couldn't believe it, so good!!!!

I have had a GF who squirted and she had in-excess of 14 org*sms ! in one evening !

Nice. Be she was a happy, and exhausted, woman lol


She never knew she could squirt and she was so natural sexually. Unfortunately nothing else in our relationship work......

Yeah u just recently found out that I can squirt :) luckily most things in our relationship work. Sorry your didn't :(


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I'm glad for you and your partner that you got in such a sexual trance you orgasmed and squirted so many times, I still dream to do this to my wife, but she finds one or two ******* enough even I'd LOVE to continue.



Sounds like an awesome night!!!

You with a guy or another girl, or by yourself? ;)

Were the g-spot ******* from penetration, from manual stimulation during oral, or both? What position(s) worked so well for you?

Both. And any position was amazing that night

thanks for sharing lucky guy wishing it had been me

Oh yes it is. I am a gusher and I squirt and gush during any kind of sex. It is amazing.


That's great, best if luck you guys

.. someone introduced you to multiples & yes it is-

You go hun

Wow! and Congratulations!
Please send video proof of this!

I wish I had it on video. It be good watching

I'm jealous but happy for you at the same time. Really great sex with men does not happen often. But I'm assuming you are female and assuming it was a guy...

You are correct. It was my husband. We've been together for 10 years and sex still keeps getting better :)

Even more jealous but that is fantastic!!

I love hitting my Fiance G spot and making her *** all over my ****

My husband loves it too

Its so awesome when to people synch like that :)