Feeling all your body sore and in pain, from AWSOME makeup "unexpected" sex the night before . All over the house.
I miss this pain .
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You say one of your experiences is you crave intimacy? My wife liked that too, but she was not happy with my little ****.. My wife cheated with this black guy and laughed in my face and told me she was leaving me for him! Maybe she will come back to me when she gets sick of him. I am a white guy who is short, bald and middle aged, but why leave me for a younger guy who is black?? Now she is taking everything i own. Now she is pregnant with the black guys baby and she laughs at me



Thats so hot! I have never had sex like that before, maybe one day... I can understand the longing and fond memories.

There's nothing like revenge sex!!!!

Are you graving for this pain? How do you feel today?


sore, but satisfied I guess.
How long does it takes for you to have this urge for anal sex again?

Is it true you had anal sex first.. before your *****?

Never had. Not my thing

Sounds amazing wish i had someone to share an experience like yours with.

I live in Abu Dhabi... do you want to chat? Add me if you do

I haven't had good in. Long time