's True....

I love sex. It feels good, both before, during and after sex. I love the feel of your hands all over my body. Your kisses on my neck and ears drive me wild. Love when you cover my breasts with your hands and slowly move them down and inside my body. To feel you inside me as I slowly ride up and down on your expressions of love. So warm so silky so wet...I love sex.

Rainystorm Rainystorm
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From the stories you write....I would say you have had more than a little experience...and that IS a good thing, lol.

Rainy, I have had a little experience also.

Dang just about described my recent adventure...were you watching? I'm hot again just thinking about it. Those fingers and lips....mmmmm so sweet to feel them all over my body....

And if your friend is there with you kissing your neck, then your nipples as his hand is cupping your mound. And you feel his erect pen!s pressing against your thigh as he slips one finger to your ****, the waterfall is feeling strangly warm. When he pulls you down, you go eagerly with the water splashing all around. You look up at him, but all you see is his manhood standing at attention and quivering slightly. You are not done.

Yes I love water as well...oh the things that can be done in water or with water......<br />
<br />
In the rain or with Rain .... both are good too, lol<br />
<br />

Rainy....the temp is rising...among other things! Waterfalls are a huge turn-on for me. I love cuddling under a nice shower of cold water. The purfect place to play!!!

hehehehe....that is a good thing isn't it?

You are telling me Hot Guy....keeps getting hotter and hotter in here...<br />
<br />
Which reminds me...I commented on a cool waterfall earlier....I can just imagine standing under it with no clothes on...the water caressing my skin as it run down to my feet .... yep I definately needed that cooling off.<br />
<br />

mmmm....what a GREAT story, and equally excellent IS getting difficult to focus on work........

I think I need to stand under a cold water waterfall for a while .... <br />
<br />

OMG! Mewold you are getting me going wild raw nasty sex....oh the things that come to mind!

Oh Yeah. Am I ever glad I stayed home from work today!!! Hot and bothered time

Making love is wonderful. But, even with the one you love, naked, raw, wild, uninhibeted, ranchy, nasty, animalistic sex is good sometimes also.

Totally know what you mean flourlady!

To me there IS a difference between making love and having sex. Love is from the whole being...the intertwining of body, soul and spirit with another human. Having sex is just sharing the body and not the emotions that go with it...just the satisfying of each others body. I do believe that we want it all, but when that is not possible with the one you love, then you improvise as you can see in most forums here...even the non-sexual ones. People use other things to fill the holes that are in our relationships. I gave up myself to please's been over 21 years....EP is helping me to claim some of myself back, like my need to write and share of myself through words. :D Did I answer your questions?

im getting over heated!!

do you think that there is the differennce between the sex and love or both together, or as humans we want it all. sex, love , comfort, strange, etc. what would you give up for another?

oh yes..had to open the doors here too.....had to cool off somehow....

I just opened the window in my office. . .

I really enjoy paradise and heaven as mewold described it.....and when I think of them I heat up even more! Yes it is getting real hot in here jw.

now its getting hot here too!

OH YES! The heat is definately going up....

When you are with the one you love, and he is kissing your neck; while his hand is roaming your body, touching here, feeling there, fingering your secret place, you are in paradise. Then he moves down to his fingers and uses his mouth, his tongue, you find that you are in heaven.

I like it when the heat goes up :P

Yummy! :-)

I feel the heat going up, amoung other things.