I Think I Have An Oral Fixation


Softly running my hands and fingertips over a woman's body is wonderful, but nothing is more exciting to me than exploring a woman with my mouth. To feel her nipples swell and then harden in my mouth is pure ecstasy. Is this weird? I don't now if it is or it isn't, but nothing is more exciting than feeling every part of a woman's body with my lips and open mouth. The sensations given and received seem to be so much more intense.

I love to start at the back of a woman's neck, slowly working down and around her shoulders, followed by a slow trip down the middle of her spine. Once I reach the small of her back, deviation to the sides are made for kissing and mouthing her beautifully round buttocks in turn. Special attention is given to the crease between buttock and the top of her thigh. A long tongue trail down the center of her thigh to the back of her knee completes the downward trip.

The trip back up is a slow series of kisses leading up the inside of her thighs. This trip is always one of my favorite parts, as I often feel her first shivers of anticipation as each kiss gets higher along the most sensitive areas of her inner thighs. And if I'm doing it right, her first rhythmic movements begin—just a slight squeezing of my head between her legs. Of course, this is the time to resist those movements, gently but firmly sliding her legs apart so my mouth can gain access to her most sensitive areas.

Sometimes I wonder if the tease isn't the best part, slowly working my lips around her growing wetness; around the edges, a slight brush of the tongue up the middle, feeling her wetness increasing, hearing the first low moans and feeling the slight slow push of herself against my mouth.   If the teasing has been good, maybe she will slide back, raising herself up on her knees, chest still down on the bed, legs apart. I like to see my meal before I fully partake. Finally I will press my open mouth down against her clitoris, slowly working my way up until I can slide my tongue deep inside her. For some reason it is at that point that I feel most connected to a woman; my tongue deep inside her and my mouth pressed hard against her lower lips, my saliva adding to her wetness, breathing in her full aroma.

Hopefully by this time she is moaning more loudly and forcefully thrusting herself against my mouth to the rhythm of my tongue. As her moans deepen it's time to withdraw my tongue and work it in slow circles covering all of her engorged lips and clitoris. As she gets closer and her moans become more guttural, perhaps I will give her a special treat and place a small vibrator behind my tongue. With increased pressure and circulations of my vibrating tongue eventually her muscles will tighten until she convulsively goes over the top, muscles explosively clenching to the accompaniment of her uncontrollable animalistic moan of ecstasy. My mouth pressure is slowly removed as her body is racked with convulsive spasms. Rubbing her buttocks with my hands—her still bent over fully—completes the cool-down.

I can then spend the rest of the day in the warm glow of knowing I've pleased my partner. All of these pleasures delivered and received orally make the experience so much more satisfying and powerful.

Are these oral desires unusual?


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13 Responses Mar 20, 2009

OMG...damn...you are truly amazing.

Ok, you guys have got to stop it right about now.... I am not a woman and I kind of got all warmed up already.... <br />
<br />
I know being on a diet doesn't forbid you from looking at the menu, but come on.... Right about now, I want to eat the menu itself.<br />
<br />

You're a naughty, naughty girl Sunshine02!<br />
<br />
I believe punishment is in order. Perhaps a good tongue lashing? ;^)

Oh, I love to learn new things!<br />
<br />
Now I just need to find someone to practice on.

I am going to start a fund so you can travel around the world and hold lectures for men, the goal being to spread the knowledge and teach the entire male population of the earth to do what u just described.<br />
<br />
Now, excuse me I feel I need a cool shower (pardon my lack of originality).

Well Zorbas, as the "master" here (LOL!) I think YOU are my choice. I will leave KFC, Sunshine and Pixie to your "student"!

It seems all the world to be the recantings of a fromer student of mine. The technique he describes is much the same as mine. If this is an addiction, it is one which I also suffer from, but one that more men should embrace. I can assure you that there would be a much happier world for many more women.

I'm next in the cold shower after kungfuchic! :-)

You two are very gracious, and I thank you for it.

That is so noble of you. . . <br />
<br />
Sunshine, I am very competitive and I saw him first. . . LOL

It would be a true honor to please either (or both) of you! ;^)

I'm here for the taking! ;^)

iyrn4 will you marry me? I think I need a cold shower about now. Will you excuse me?