Ok.... I Am In a

Since I am in a "mood" I think I'll write about something I would find very erotic......

There is just something I find so hot about a male holding back his ******....maybe it's because once he spurts it's over..... I want it to last a long time.....I want him to reach that "point" again and again and not climax until I want him to....I'd love to watch it happen......

I would love to give my lover an erotic "massage"..... I'd work him....the best I could....stroking him, and watching his pleasure, feeling my wetness as I want him......stroke after stroke but not letting him reach the end.....

I'd massage him until he almost reaches the point of no return and then stop as my p*ssy would throb with want....I'd love to do this again and again....loving watching his manhood almost explode....loving the swollen heat he feels....loving seeing his swollen c*ck in all it's glory!!!!  Oh!!! It would be lovely!!!

Then....ultimately...I would give him would be so erotic for me....watching him give all the c*m that he has within him to me .... ummmmm....

I'd just have to try to climb upon him after and hope he could fill me and pleasure me.... I'd want him so bad after watching that I couldn't take it!!!! :-)

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Wow wish my girl was like you

My wife does the same as you works me go the point of explosion then backs off enough for me to regain my bearings then works me over and rides me to that point till she feels my member throbbing in her then she jumps off and has me shoot all over her

Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Not every guy **** once and is done, some of us are multi-orgasmic... others have low recovery times, some are both, like me!

Wow, hot description! It's great that you have such an advanced state of sexuality; knowing exactly what you want and then getting it!

Oh, dear....

Gosh bobwiser *blush* ;-) thanks!

some guys aren't as lucky to have someone like you! i for one would die to be with you just once. and that one time would play out in my mind over and over as i revel in the the throws of that one time.

You just became my Dream Girl of All Time. Well, maybe not of all time, you know, but sure 'nuf for today.<br />
Waiting on the edge of release is the essence of fantastic sex.

Winks at sacron*

that is so hot girl..and would be so hot if i had it done to me..but sadly it has never happened

Hon I'm older and h o r n y. In Australia, love cyber. Hit me up - email me at e x l a n c s l a d a t g m a i l d o t c o m<br />
<br />
Privately - not from here.

maybe you could teach me?! I love your stories, thoughts...

Wow that little confession of yours just made my night. Thank you pixelita.<br />
Your partner is extremely lucky to have such a considerate, sexy and gorgeous 'masseuse' :)

Gosh, thanks pedro but I don't think this can be done 'digitally' ;-)

let's try this digital...

Oh I'm glad you liked it confession!!!! *wink*


Wonderful Russ!!!!! ;-) I am sure your lover appreciates it greatly!!!!!

This sounds just like me I've actually trained myself to hold back an ****** I can usually do it 4 or 5 times a session. I love it because I *** so much harder when I let it go

thank you bethlehim ;-) <------ love that name *wink*

Thanks wota!! ;-)

pix darling thats so hot

I absolutely love getting erotic massage like that, where the massage giver keeps me hard but not coming yet, for an hour and a half to two hours before I ***, when I finally do *** it is so intense, it is worth all the waiting. When I have sex with my wife of almost thirty years, I rarely ever *** before her, just a habit, I love to *** at the same time, or sometimes she **** first, with me stroking slow and deep the way she likes, then once she **** I will speed up and really pound her, and sometimes she **** again.

hehehe *grins at Escondidio* ;-) Gave you the warm fuzzies?

OMFG this is arousing... so teassy and fun, yet so inclredibly erotic and sensual... gave me the "tickling sensations"... wow<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

Oh I totally get your drift cinimod :-)

Yum I love that Pixelita. It's nice to hold back and maximise the time for euphoric, erotic ***********. It's also good to come quickly.<br />
<br />
I particularly enjoy the aesthetics of women's bodies and love the way my senses never tire of curvaceous female bodies in close fitting clothes as is very much de rigour in the western world. I then like to slowly remove those clothes of my lovers and spend a night of intimacy with my beautiful and intelligent women, wine and music. And let's throw in poetry for good measure. Do you get my drift Pixelita - I'm sure a woman like you does!!!<br />
<br />
warm and hot regards, <br />


try kuma will love it

Wow Mark, that sounds awesome! :-)

Wow!!! You must give mind-boggling Oragasms!! I can be hard for 2-3 hours holding back. Actually, it is possible to have slight ******* where I can actually contract but still hold back. Watch out though . . eventually this sort of things leads to some powerful explosions and seizures when I start squirting bursts of pleasure.