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I was chatting with a friend the other day and happened to mention that I thought that people on the left side of the political spectrum had more active and interesting sex lives in general.  My conservative friend disagreed.  She said that people on the left were more open about their sex lives and probably flaunted it more, but that conservatives had equally active and interesting sex lives, but they covered it up and didn't share it as broadly with others.

I think my friend is probably right.  The sexual drive is so powerful I suspect it is spread evenly across the political spectrum, but people are more or less open about it depending on their political views.

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I am English, and when I lived in England I was a conservative with a vote an an interest in politics but I generally had less sex.

I now live in the USA and as a permanent resident alien but not a citizen, I have no vote but have had lots and lots of fantastic sex......... maybe an interest in politics was cramping my style? If it comes down to a choice.......I know where my vote is ;-)

Conservatives do have better married sex lives; that came out in a 2004 ABC News sex survey that's still online. And going back to the 1970s surveys have shown traditionalist or strongly religious women are more easily orgasmic than feminists in marriage. The feminists can say, well, we diddle a lot.

I consider myself politically conservative and sexually liberal. I sure wouldn't have thought to combine the two!!

sure have been a lot of conservatives busted for sex hijinks in the last 2-3 activity in massages..repub governors using state planes to run off to

it's always fun watching conservatives try to own the moral high ground.

I recall reading a survey in a D.C. magazine where they compared the sexual 'proclivities' of dems and repubs and the general consensus was that the republican women were better in bed. As usual, the men were never judged. So we can safely assume that sexual hypocrisy is bipartisan.....ha! ha! (hollow laugh)

Democrats throw orgies and Republicans hold fund raisers. At the end of the night they have both wound up FUC*ING someone hahahahahahaha

I'm with Emeraldpeeps on this one. Sexually independent is my preference.

being an admitted conservative and having had plenty of time to wander through the postings here I would have to agree with you at least in theory. While the more liberal a person is the more they tend to advertize their sexyal proclivities. Generally speaking more conservative a person is the less the tendency they have to throw their sexuality in your face. We would rather not know. I'm guessing that that is the reason so many conservatives are so turned off by the gay guy who sashay's around with a hand on his hip. I know I'll catch hell for saying that but I'm just trying to draw a good picture here.