There Is Nothing More Incredible

than sex. It's the greatest most amazing feeling having some come in and out of you. Pounding on you. Their warm bodies pressed against yours. Him taking your body and doing whatever he wants to it. Spreading your legs apart putting you in all different sorts of oppositions. It's amazing and words can't describe how amazing it feels. Having your toes curl your legs shake you can't help but moan. There's so much more I want to say but I know I have to stop myself because no matter how much I love sex I promised myself that I wouldn't till I found someone that would have sex with me and love or care for me at the same time. If I could I would have sex with every guy I see every chance I had but I want for the first time to make love to someone. And having sex with random guys isn't going to help the situation but make it worse. I've gone about six months without sex and I think I'm going to go crazy! ugh!

sh0rtstuff sh0rtstuff
18-21, F
8 Responses Jan 5, 2010

I'd love to help you with your 6 month dry spell :-)...but I would say go for the rabbit...Don't go to an adult toy store - browse the net ... check multiple sites and compare prices as they can be very different from site to site.

i have a 10 inch tongue and can breathe through my ears, cheaper than the rabbit, and nibbling a **** to perfection is my ideal thing to do day and night, any girls in the uk want their **** munching on, i'll get u off, nothing in return just me pleasuring you?

wow i feelthe same way, nothin is better then the feeling of grabbing a womans legs and hips and thrusting my d*** in them. i know how u feel about sex, my marrage was like that sex every six months or something. it ended for other reason.

oh wow i've seen some go for a $100 or more. but i'll definitely be looking out for that :]

yea it looks like a lot of fun but aren't they a bit pricey?

Gets you through the dry spells... Keeps you sane and helps you make a more "intellectual" decision regarding men.


Do you own a rabbit vibrator?