Or Just the Anticipation of Sex?

I find myself looking at random women on the bus. Not all are pretty. At least, not conventionally so. But something about this one or that catches my eye. Sometimes it's her confidence. Another time, the sound of her voice. The way she smells. Her expression, lost in thought, as if what's on her mind is the most important thing in the world. Maybe it is?

I think about having sex with these women. I construct detailed backgrounds of their lives. This one's in a relationship with a guy who doesn't respect her independence. Another just arrived in the city and is feeling lonely.

The sex itself is incredible. Hot. Things that I could never do with my wife. The women are passionate. They desire me, my attention, my body. They can't live without me.

But now I ask myself, "Is it really these women I want? Do I even know them?" They're probably nothing like the women in my imagination. Which begs the question:

Am I having sex with them. Or myself?
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Actually, I think it's pretty wise and self-aware. We women do the same thing sometimes. Excellent ending question.--DW

Don't over-analyze it. Imagination is an integral part of sex. Without it, sex becomes a chore. Keep your imagination stimulated, however you see fit! It's healthy and fun!!!


Sometimes I want to **** every guy I see. I am like a man when it comes to sex. I always want it and think about it nearly every minute of the day.

If with them, you would not have time to write.

Girl watching at it best borrowed from below

Very sexy....you can sometimes tell when you catch him watching you out of the corner of your eye....that look of him undressing you with his eyes. Its always such a turn on for me. It makes my mind wonder exactly what he's thinking of me. Do my ex<x>pressions and the way I move give away my inner freak....can he tell by the look in my eye that I too am thinking about kneeling down in front of him right now to worship his firm hard **** with my wet lips......thank you and keep writing stories like this!


That is the beauty of the mind! It can construct detailed and vivid imagery of what you'd like to happen! Keep dreaming... keep f^#$ing... keep living! Sometimes those dreams are better than what actually happen when flesh meets flesh... =)

Masturbatory or not, I am definitely onboard with the mindsex in the PTA. There was this one girl on the light rail... WOW. Amen, brother.