Something to please my friends:-


I had recently taken gym membership. Just to divert my mind from my recent break-up. Friends recommended it as best back up plan to hook up again. Anyways I had spoilt my self a lot and needed some physical activity to tone myself again. It was typical Saturday late evening when people worked out and left to meet on Monday. I had no plans for weekend. No date and intended to spent my weekend on my couch sulking about my break up or watch some lame movie. I took my own time to work out and needed wash after the sweaty workout. As I undress myself to wash up, my own touch felt good, thought, who needs a guy. I lathered the soap from head to toe, acting as if I am a Playboy Bunny. Just covering my boob and ***** with the lather, circling around the nipples, feeling the feel of my touch and enjoying it. A knock on the door and I reach my apartment reading the note from my roommate, Emily, she’ll be late. As I walked thru my bedroom, couldn’t get my mind over the moist feeling. Undressing my track suit, memories of his shirt flashed back. His shirt brushed against my erect nipples as I lie down and circle my wet ***** as I heard the door bang open and giggling of Emily. I rushed thru my room to see whats happening. It was to my surprise she was back with a guy, Rick, a firefighter, whom I had met once in café, which was unlikely of her. In dark with little light, I could see both kissing and playing around. I switched on the light, as they both stared at me for a second and continued kissing. I could not control my gut feelings and asked “can I join?” I expected a NO, to my surprise, the guy walked towards me holding her hand. Making her kneel down, he pulled me towards him, kissing passionately and my friend undressing his pants. Feeling his hand over my shirt as I surrender to his power, his firm grip. The heat was building up and Emily knew I had no sex for 5 weeks. I unbuttoned my shirt to expose my neat toned body and feeling his warmth as Emily fondled his ****. I was hungry, I wanted it too. I kneeled down too, licking Rick’s inner thigh, outer thigh and his balls, playing around and making him moan in pleasure. It was double take for Rick and he was able to handle us.

Next thing I knew, we moved to my room. Rick lied on the bed, with me on top, where we kissed, touching, playing with each other. I fondled his 8 inch **** in my plam as he fingered my wet hole. Making me moan and want more of the action. Emily was no where to see in the room. When she returned back, she had a bottle of chocolate sauce and few grapes too. She jumped on the bed making me lay on my back, spreading my legs, wide open, as kept kissing Rick. I felt her fingers wandering in me, could feel her fingers circling my ****, lips sucking and nibbling my ***** lips. Her tongue licking my wet ***** and Rick was fingering her and kissing me.

I was wet, horny wanted to take control of the suitation here. We were taken over by lust. Today I saw darker shade of Emily. Both Emily and Rick were working together as if partners in crime. Rick tied my hands to bed post and made me suck his **** holding my hair and caressing my boobs. Felt rush of blood in my body after long time. Emily sat between my legs, touching and exploring with her nails. Ooohhh I couldn’t resist but I moan deep in pleasure. She spread my legs and lied between them nibbling the labia and her fingers were digging in and out of my vagina. I moan “spank my bottom, PLEASE!!” I demanded. Emily spanked me hard and all giggled. I always wanted to be ****** like this, was kind of fantasy come true. It was getting wild with every second passing by. Rick was set to *** in me as kept caressing my boobs and squeezing them, pinching my nipples. He moaned loud and squirts a load full of precum in my mouth. Hot salty juice filled my mouth. Emily was nibbling and sucking me, digging nails in my thigh. She picked up a strawberry and pushed into my vagina and sucked it out, her tongue exploring inner muscles. Licking the wetness, every drop of it as it oozed out. Rick pushed Emily away from my ***** giving her big kiss and inserted his **** in my moist *****. Emily sat besides me and sucked, kissed and played with my boobs. Rick started slow, darting deep in, hitting the G-spot. With every push Rick made me moan. Emily licked and fondled my boobs, kissing my neck, nibbling my ears. I tried to reach her ***** which was soft shaven, pink and swollen and most I like was well wet. Rick increased his speed slowly and gradually making me want more and wilder. He kept digging me deep. His balls banged my ***. Rick went on faster deeper and louder we moaned making loud noisy sex. Rick withdrew and inserted again teasing me, making me wild and wanting more. Now Rick was ready to shoot a load. He squirted deep in, feeling the warmth of the load, I was on cloud nine. He withdrew himself very happy and exhausted for the moment. My ***** was dripping with his ***. Emily switched over between my spread legs as Rick watch from distance. Emily forcefully opened my legs and slowly teased me. Digging her fingers in- out as she licked Ricks *** coming out from my *****. Rick was getting erect again and couldn’t resist his urge to lick Emily and play around with her. With every jerk rick gave Emily, Emily forced her fingers into me, deeper and faster. Moaning loud and demanding more Emily was getting banged by Rick as she dripped all she had. We all were exhausted after our performance but always wanted MORE. Thanks to Emily for introducing Rick to me. Rick and me were gr8 friends with benefits and enjoyed our share of fun!

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yes...very hot indeed! thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading ;)

thank you LG76.. hope I write moree

I have *** running down my leg and it's your fault. Thank you

ohhh... how u felt.. is appreciation to my story... thanks Ming102102

That was a very hot story Debbie. Keep up the good work and thank you for the stroy.

Thanks for enjoying my story.. i am an ametuer writer!!

very hot...i never enjoyed 3 some..really exciting

thank you john4u2

Extremely hot...As they say..."That's what friends are for". Thanks for sharing such a hot story. dc

thanks dcsm....friends for lifetime

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very hot! i can definitely feel your enthusiasm. what a way to break the drought!