The Best Sex

The best sex is the one that touches your soul. When I get my mind to work insink with my body then I can do anything. If I am really into you I can hold out as long as I want. If I am really in to you and you are into me then I can keep it up for a long time everytime. If I can do it that means anyone can. You just need to find the right partner. I was married for 25 years and had a great sex life when she wanted it the problem was I am a daily type of person and she was a once a month type of gal. Now that she is out of the picture I made sure and found me a daily type of gal and have been enjoying the best sex all the time. She will do anything I want as long as it does not include anyone else. So far it has been hot but I would love to open it up every once in awhile for some fun with others. She loves all the oral I can give her and has now found out she is multi orgasmic and a squirter. The first time that happened it scared her but now it is a normal occurance. It is actually shocking if we are not both dripping from all the kissing and playing. Everyone needs to just slow down and really enjoy sex with the one you are with. We have used toys on each other for enhancement, I have had a cream pie from her, she has had one from me. We always share after oral and have shared several times during and after penetration. One day soon we are going to take the whole day and just see how many times we can get each other off. I have no idea how many time that will be for me but it will be at least 10 or so.

I love sex just for sex and I love sex to tease. The best sex is with the one you love and don't be selfish. Also to the women out there take charge every once in awhile. Next time you are horny when you kiss in the morning see if you can kiss her and get her hot with just the kiss. I can make her mely witha kiss. That is the one thing the ex was really good at was kissing. This one is getting better all the time.

woodslayer woodslayer
Feb 18, 2010