One Of My Favorite Things

One thing I completely enjoy is watching my lover's ******* build slowly.  In fact there are times where watch her *** over and over again is the most exciting thing for me. 

Nothing to me is more exciting than to bring her to climax when she wasn't expecting it.  Kisses and tongues along the neck as my hands stroke her breasts and ****.  Holding her in place as I feel her build, her breath shortens.  feeling her reach the edge and then explode.  Relaxing back into my arms as her legs weaken.

Then when we lie down climbing between her legs and giving her a slow deep lick and watching her climb that mountain again.  tasting the juices which are flowing freely, she is ready to give me all she has and as she lets go and her legs shake I drink it all in.  Our eyes meet and lock for a minute or two.  Then when I see she can handle more, I do it again. 

GoodMan67 GoodMan67
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Glad I could be of service Naenae

Wow I cummed just reading this seriously

I agree totaly. That is the best thing about the passionate times with my wife. There's times I don't even care about mine as long as she is pleased.

Awesum...sounds like you know just what to do. My wife has multiple orgams and I have been lucky enough to enjoy sum of the same delights you have described so well. Thanks for sharing. dc