Sweet And Romantic

so sad... really to engaged to a relationship when only one is commited to try something different in the name of sex. sad part is specially your a girl and the boy is so dull. so insensitive and dont want sex. i dont know. im not that horny type of person but in my mind. i had a fantasy of making love everyday with the one i love. its just dissapointed to my part that my partner is always tired and busy. i dont want to cheat and play with other guy.so i wish my partner change.,

cyrajane cyrajane
22-25, F
5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

You need to have a serious talk with him.<br />
He needs to make some adjustments in his lifestyle.<br />
If he cares about you he will try to change but you need a good sole to sole talk.

and youve told him how u feel before and he still wont change? i bet he brings up paying the bills everytime u bring being together up huh? wow i dont know what to say. i wouldnt blame u for venturing off a little.

im not a nugger, im always understnding , its hard to tell him my feelings coz i dont want to hurt him for i know how good father he is to our daughter. we've been married for 4 yrs now. and our 2 yrs together was a wonderful moment we had.. it started when he got promoted and dedicated his life to his job. for him everything is okey . i dont know. he is super workaholic. i told him that he must balance his time. even for us, we barely go out on a date either . im sad, super sad that one time i cried just by watching romantic movie. i envied those sweet couples. for me its not sex. its making love. i just want to feel his love AGAIN.

hes 8 yrs older than i am.. im 22 and hes 30,, and hes job requires time so from 7 am to 10pm hes at work. i don know im really sad,.

If he's ur age how could he be tired? If he works like 60 plus hours a week then i could understand but makin love or ******* or whatever u wanna call it is on EVERY guys list for the week. Have u tried teasing him and acting like u dont want to make love but dress sexy?