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I have been a good girl for long enough! Let me just state here i am not writing this for any reason other than i have a question! Why am i a nympho because i like sex ? I have morals and don't jump just anyone! What is wrong with being a free spirit .
redheadsrule redheadsrule 36-40, F 72 Responses Nov 20, 2007

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There is nothing wrong with being a woman who enjoys sex. It doesn't make you a nymphomanic (which by the way is a medical condition, also called hypersexuality).

Enjoy your free spirit, let it take you (safely) wherever you wish to be <3

Not every girl is the same but in my experiences, The more she (wife) gets, the more she loves it. I think it's simply a lively G spot that is being tortured by some pretty good lovers.

Doesn't make you anything but someone who loves sex. Nothing wrong with sensuality in life.

P.S. Live A Long Free Spirit Life and Prosper as well too ! !

Fox Trot Arrow

I'm not Masters & Johnson . Though you pose a unique question . That all people that go with what they believe in in having strong morals and not engaging in sex with just any one . Unless you choose to . That being You Chose To have that encounter , No one and I mean , No One should ever attempt , seduce or lure you into having sex with anyone . Except the one YOU decide to have sex with ! That by all means with protection against H.I.V. , S. T.D's . That of getting pregnant too to add to mistakes , unwanted , unloved new born babies / Worse case scenario . YOU are infected with the H.I.V. / A.I.D.S disease . That there is no cure for . Except . Not to get it in the first place ! !

I don't mean to scare nor frighten you off from having sex with a person you really Love and you Know with out a shadow of a doubt they actually LOVE YOU , in return . Not just say IT ! ! BUT actually Show it that they Love you totally . Before ever committing yourself even to that person .

Then get checked out for sure to see that the both of you are in the clear Only then get to know them first of all . Before ever making Love together for that very special first tome with them.

Take Care , this is based on being truthful , Honest and from experience

Fox Trot Atrow

There is nothing wrong with that! Enjoy !

*sghs* me too.

There is nothing wrong at all with being a free spirit, live life to the full, just take care of yourself.

Well, I have to say that My absolute Fave P/F song is On The Turning Away, but that dosen't fit RHR's topic like Wish You Were Here.

I love that song . I saw Rodger Waters last summer ,great concert ! If they come to your area go see them!

I saw a couple ( a young couple that is) on the Dr. Phil show who had full blown sex with ******* for her at least 6 times per day, and thye had been at that pace for over a year.<br />
<br />
Dr. Phil said enjoy, that it will not wear out, and that they are on the high side of normal.<br />
<br />
Heck, I'd take the low side of that normal.<br />
<br />
But getting to the original comment. The term nympho is thrown around too loosely, and wanting a lot of sex is not sick or perverted.

Dark side of the moon...

Uhm cause we are all over the place and Redman started it!LMAO

Big Pink Floyd fan here. Somehow this discussion made me think of that particular song... I wonder why....

Good song.

Sorry JJ, but I have a Song for RHR. It's a Pink Floyd favorite. <br />
<br />
Wish You Were Here.


sounds like you need to listen to Dr. CC

I"ll be your Superman*singing* :)


I love you Little brother ...Smiles!

must be a good number

ok if you are both in the same shower..... hummmmmmm <br />
<br />
I'm on my way you may need a little help with your back

Too funny!

Redman maybe me and Jessie are in the same shower! LMAO

They need a break from life!!! :)

me not naughty just like to have fun and make you ahhhhhh yeah at work LOL

Where is Rockabye and Bluegeorgia when we need them? :)

Naughty we do best!!!