Sex In The Sauna... The Hottest Sex Ever!!

A couple of days ago I went into a uni-sex sauna at my friend Dave’s condo building. As soon as we walked in, the sheer, naked sexuality of being with 5 – 6 hot, sheeny, sex charged female bodies took me back to two incredible weeks I spent in Western Canada last March.

I was out there on a project and the company put me up in a luxury complex that was a combined Condo and hotel. Working long hours and in the middle of one of the coldest Winters ever, I soon took to visiting the local Pubs and restaurants for a late dinner, to have a few beers and check out the female talent. By the middle of the 1st week… bingo… there she was – an exceptionally cute, curvy and mischievous looking early 20’s blonde. She was sitting at a table with a few guys but giving me lots of eye contact and smiling.

As she passed me on the way back from the washroom I used one of my dumb but in this case effective pick-up lines and that’s all she needed! She sat down at my table and after only 1 drink, we headed out into the cold and back to my place. We were all over each other in the Taxi cab and by the time we got up to the suite on the 26th floor, she had my **** out and was deep-throating it while I massaged her delightfully large, pink-nippled ****.

After our initial, ‘shock and awe’ round of sex on the floor, on the couch and in bed (she came at least 3 – 4 times, me twice) I felt a need for something different… Annie was fun and sexy, but…. Anyway, rather than call it an early evening.... it was past 11.00pm, I suggested we go down to the Pool and do some laps. She reminded me that she didn’t have a swimsuit but I suggested we go ‘skinny-dipping’ as the Pool and Sauna were officially closed, but I’d gotten in before and no one had ever showed up. So we went down and after 20 – 25 brisk laps I was feeling pretty good and refreshed again. Annie wasn’t much of a swimmer though and she pulled me out of the pool and laughingly begged me to save my energy for her as she pulled me into the Sauna!

She’d already turned it on and got the heat right and as we played with each other, massaging breasts, nipples and genitals…the most sensitive areas, my **** which is usually 9 ½” erect seemed to grow another inch or so. The heat and atmosphere, smell of hot cedar wood in the Sauna was making us hornier than ever. Annie got more excited than I’d imagined even she could be and hopped up on one of the higher benches ordering me in an eager husky voice “**** me from behind…doggy style” **** me with that big **** of yours you son of a *****!!  So I did, over and over… we were there for at least an hour!       

It was, well the only word is…. addictive and for the next 10 days or so we ****** in that Sauna almost every other night!! Annie had been telling me about one of her closest girlfriends who had broken up with her boyfriend and was really turned on when she’d told her about our Sauna escapades!! She pointed her out to me at the Pub one evening…. a tall, pretty redhead with a body to die for.

Two nights before I left town Annie showed up at my Condo around 10.30pm after she’d called me from her usual hangout, sounding a little tipsy and telling me …. ‘I’ve got kind of a going away surprise for you….’ When she called up on the intercom she was giggling excitedly so I just buzzed her in, wondering what was up. When I opened the door WHAT A SURPRISE!! There was Annie but with her friend Sandy looking more gorgeous and scrumptious than ever. 

After a couple of quick tequila shots we headed down to the Sauna and were stripping each other’s clothes off along the way. What an incredible experience  it was as I sucked on Annie’s salty, swollen nipples while she shoved my engorged, throbbing **** into her girl friend’s ****! We moaned, groaned and climaxed almost non-stop for over two hours! The girls also sucked each other.. they said for the first time, when I needed a breather. But, just looking at them devouring and fingering each other’s ******* made me rock hard in no time. That night was unforgettable as it was the best Sauna Sex ever…a ********* with two of the hottest, horniest women in the West. It was so good that they came back again the night before I left … causing me to very nearly miss the flight!! 

I’m hoping to go back again later this month!

RickyZ11 RickyZ11
Mar 15, 2010