Two Weeks Ago In Jefferson City

The wife and I went to a group sex party in Jeff city. Things were not happening as fast as some of us like, so since one couple had a hotel room, we left and went there to get naked and ****.  It wasn't five minutes after our arrival that couple one, his wife got down on her knees and started swallowing my ****, and sucking a licking it real good.  it didn't take long and I was hard as a rock. He was eating Beckys *****, and makeing her squirm all over the bed, she just loves being eatenout.  I undressed her with a fever, I sure needed to bury my **** in that hot *****. Upon getting in bed, she pulled her leggs up to her head, and I guided my **** into her and my god it was hot and wet. I ****** her for several mintues before resting more easily into the missionary position, and stroked her hard and fast.  Mean while Becky is squirting her *** off withher husband, just covering his face and chest with her squrit.  I admit I briefly looked over to see what they were doing.  Next I pulled her up on top of me so she could ride my ****, and she did it like a brocho buster, raising off, and onto me, standing and ******* me for all I was worth. And she was ******* and squirting all the time riding me, and getting me really wet. I loved it big time.  Her hubby started ******* becky and I hear her say wait, wait, put it in slowly its so big, I can't take it that fast.  I knew this would happen.

Two more couples arrived, and the one guy ******** right away, and put his big **** in her mouth to suck on. She is a pro at this and soon had them both going good.  The others basically just watched the action for now. I had *** by this time, but stayed hard enough and kept ******* till I got hard again, then moved her into the doggy postion.  The others had moved too into the doggy postion, and us two guys were ******* that ***** with our big ***** and our balls making all kinds of splatter noise cause they both were squriting again. When he shot his wad in becky, he came over to watch us still going after it, and the other guys started ******* Becky. Soon he joined us by putting his **** in her mouth, and she hungrely started sucking his big **** and deep throating him. I said Wow if you can deep throat him you can deep throat me, so we changed position, me on my back her deep throating me, and him doggy ******* her.  She soon made me *** again, and she swallowed every drop, and kept on sucking, and bucking against her husbands ****. She was a dyanamo to be sure. Never missed a beat.  She continued till i got hard again, and then needed a break to take on some liguids and have a smoke. I moved over to one of the other two women, and they were not interested. Oh well, to bad. So i took a breaK TOO.

we CONTINUED and did one form or another till around 3 am. Becky was ****** out by the two guys with the big ***** and was bleeding alittle bit. So us three ******* the first gal once a piece, they they both ****** his wife, while me and her took a break, then everyone left but us first two couples. Becky feel asleep, and we Like I said ****** her till 3 am.... The next morning we did a 3way again for about a hour, and they wanted to go to church so we said our good byes and plan to meet again soon.

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I need to party with you guys lol