I Love To Be "Bullied"

Ever since I can remember being "bullied" has turned me on. I get very turned on by wedgies, wet willies, ***** twisters and even swirlies. I love being picked on and humiliated, I have no idea why but nothing excites me more.
Anon84 Anon84
3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I love when my girl makes me give her my pants when we are in the car. She always tells me I'm too tiny and laughs at me. When I leave the seat up in the bathroom, she knees me in the balls. She has even kneed me in public and made me hit myself in the balls in front of the girl at the drive through window. I think my favorite is when she locks my out naked and makes me beg to come in while *******

I love it when my wife bullies me in public. I turn into a total *****. Sometimes she calls me ***** in front of her friends and I love it. One time she kept calling me ***** in front of her friends and made me kiss her feet and thank her for picking on me. Then her friends started calling me ***** all the time.

i want to be wedgied in my gf panty...