My Ideal Sissy Slave Training And Conditioning Program

sissy training program

First stage
1. piercings, nipples, PA, and guiche, till healed
2. start electrolysis
3. tattoo, “sissy slave: both cheeks, both breasts
4. panties, bra, 4” heels only, with small ***** gag locked in place at night.
5. learn make-up, hair style
6. small plug locked in place 4 hours a day
7. Obedience training
8. clitty taped back between legs
9. hygiene training
10. enema training
11. exercise and strength training

Second stage
1. chastity device locked in place
2. “DD” cup breast weighted forms locked in place
2.5 medium plug locked in place 12 hours a day
3. continue electrolysis, obedience and enema training, makeup and hair styling
4. start **** training., increase stimulation required to produce erection
4.5 start corset training reduce waist by 5 inches
5. start voice training,
6. start deportment training
7. panties, bra, 5” heels, corset, and nylons, with small ***** gag locked in place at night
8. exercise and strength training

Third stage
1. continue clitty training, no erection without permission, increase time and degree of stimulation before stopping to prevent ******
2. Large plug locked in place, only removed for morning enema
3. continue corset training, reduce waist by 8 to 10 inches from beginning measurement
4. continue electrolysis, obedience, deportment, voice, make-up, and hair training
5. start maid and domestic servant training
6. days: panties, bra, 6” heels, corset, and nylons, camisole, petticoat, apron,
Nights: babydoll nightie, bra, 8 inch heels locked in place, medium ***** gag locked in place
7. exercise and strength training

Fourth Stage
1. continue clitty training, no amount of stimulation will produce erection, once commanded to become erect, no amount of stimulation will produce ******, or even a drop of precum
2. large plug locked in place, only removed for morning enema and for replacement with large ***** for fem ****** inducement training.
3. achieve a 25 inch waist or as close as body frame will allow
4. continue electrolysis, obedience, maid and domestic servant, deportment, voice, make-up, and hair styling training
5. start body servant and sexual service training
6. days: panties, bra, 6” heels, corset, and nylons, camisole, petticoat, French maid uniform, and apron,
Nights: babydoll nightie, bra with “G” cup weighted breast forms, 8 inch heels locked in place, large ***** gag locked in place

Fifth Stage
1. Sissy would never *********, and would only become erect on command, and locked into a permanent very effective, very secure chastity device locking his PA piercing to his guiche piercing, thus insuring the sissy will never have another male type ****** without the need for castration
2. Sissy would achieve a feminine style internal kind of ****** only when receiving anal intercourse and only when his dom, domme, owner achieved ******.
3. would be comfortable with a corsett reducing the sissy's waiste to 25 inches or as small as the sissy's frame allowed. Be required to wear a "DD" cup bra 24/7 to keep the "DD" cup breast forms that are weighted twice what breasts that size actually weigh and that are locked onto the rings piercing his nipples, from ripping his nipples clean off
4. Would be permanently hair free from the nose down, would obey any command instantly and without hesitation or question, be fully cabable as a maid and domestic servant in even the highest class residence, and would walk act, behave and appear as a simpering, swishing, lisping, mincing limp wristed, **** hungry, ***** whipped, ******, ALWAYS!!!! Cabable of walking and moving in high heels as large as 8 inches.
5. Fully cabable of giving a massage, bathing his owner, sexually satisfying anyone his owner desires of him be they male female or somewhere in between, cabable of taking the largest penis imaginable orally or anally, and satisfying any woman orally.

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7 Responses Feb 27, 2012

I need to be trained like this. I hope I can find a mistress that would use these five stages of training me to be her sissy slave and to serve in the ways that are in this training here.

Oh please, give me exactly this training!!! I would just add hormones to grow breasts.

where can i sign up for this?

Hot! :D

Glad you liked it :D

I too agree. It sounds like a lot of work. I have been trained as a sissy maid, but I still can have some pleasure every once in a while. My girl likes to humiliate me in front of her friends. Making me a complete sissy, but I still have some times by myself to enjoy a little of the dressing too.

Okay I understand it but it still sounds like a lot of work. I think I will just be the sissy gurl I am and live as that ditates. I would however train however a Superior Female desired if ever I find that wonderful Woman!