Sph Feedback

I quite recently engaged in a completely new activity that was motivated by my desire for supreme SPH.
Although my girlfriend Heather and I have enjoyed a number of MMF ********** and a few foursomes with other couples I have never had any overt sexual contact directly with any of the other guys involved. The most i ever did was press my **** up against another guy's so my gf could get a direct visual comparing how much bigger he was than me.
  After Heather and I viewed a vid-clip on tube galore of some guy being ****** by another guy while his gf and another female friend watched I have fantasized about this particular humiliation. Heather also expressed a desire to see me involved in such action. Not long ago it actually became a reality when Heather and the other guy's gf Eunice watched him **** me with his much much bigger ****. (I described the encounter in more detail in a previous posting)
  When I saw Eunice again after this new experience I asked her what her thoughts about it were. Eunice is fully aware of my SPH fetish although the first time I got it on with her and Richard she had no idea I had such a tiny **** let alone a fetish about it.. She admittedly doesnt really get the SPH thing but few females or better endowed guys do.
  Anyway she knows I would not be offended by a frank appraisal and (bless her) she did not hold back. She told me that the first time she saw my tiny penis she was quite surprised as she had assumed that I was actually well-endowed (not a rare assumption as it goes) She also admitted that she was somewhat disappointed as well and wasnt actually that surprised when I failed to make much of an impact on her when I ****** her for the first time. Considering her bf Richard is over twice my size I wasnt expecting to impress her either but I was a bit dismayed that my longevity completely deserted me and I came in about a minute or 2 after sticking it in. (at most)
 She confessed her estimation of me as somewhat of a man's man suffered after this. (Tiny penis - lousy **** - no shock really) However, even though she has seen Richard get it on with other guy's before she never viewed him or the other guy's involved as being less of a man but after she saw him **** me and she saw my tiny **** jiggling about as Richard pushed his far superior member in and out of my *** she says I was almost totally un-manned in her eyes and my penis is more like a clitoris and my *** a vagina as he made me his *****. She concluded by saying that she totally got off on the whole thing and would love for all of her female friends see it - she asked if there was a next time if she could video it - I told her i would think about it.
 Since this original post I told Eunice she could do a vid with her phone but made her promise she wouldnt post it anywhere for the general public to view. She confessed that she actually had made a sly vid with her phone of some of the action and had shown it to a few of her girlfriends already. My face isnt revealed but her friends have met me before and she did not hide my identity from them. I am not bothered if the vid remains relatively in-house and i asked her how they responded to it. There was of course a lot of giggling and comments on the action itself but mostly they expressed complete disbelief that my penis was so tiny and like Eunice they had thought of me as a bit of a man's man. Also like Eunice they couldnt think of me that way any more after they saw my teenie **** and my complete submission to scrawny little richard and his much superior member.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
Sep 13, 2012