Humiliating And Embarrassing Things I Would Like To Do To A Girl And See Her Do

Well I am a serious fan of seeing girls humiliated or embarrassed by doing certain things, I can't really place where this all began but I have come to realize that all of my several fetishes I enjoy fall within the sexual humiliation category. For some reason I have come to like and be turned on by the following things, some of them I want to do to a girl others I'd want to see a girl do. Firstly I would love to pull down a girls pants and or skirt, ever since my early teens I have found this a rush and a turn on, of course I would only do it to girls who knew me or were my girlfriend as several have discovered over the years. I'm also a big fan of wedgies I love to give girls wedgies its especially more of a turn on if her underwear rips like thongs as they rip soo easily or old underwear can be just as fragile. Another embarrassing experience I would like to do to a girl is a classic skirt lift, to stand behind a girl and lift up her skirt or dress giving a serious flash of her underwear and for an extra dose of humiliation maybe pull down her underwear too, but of course again I would only try this on girls who knew me personally and wouldn't mind this behaviour or who I knew would be just as turned on by it as me.

Now there are several things I would love to see a girl do that are embarrassing or humiliating but as I said before I find incredibly enjoyable to see, firstly I know this is a faux pas women try to avoid but I would love to see a girl have her skirt/dress tucked into her underwear after returning from the toilet or perhaps changing her outfit. Again this all seems to have come to my attention in my early teens having seen a few examples on TV in adverts and films and noticing it excited me. Moving on with this I have another example similar to pulling a girls pants and skirt down is seeing them both fall down on their own accord, I'm sure there are girls out there who's pants and skirts have fallen down in a inappropriate fashion in humiliating circumstances. Another serious fashion faux pas or wardrobe malfunction which happens to be one of my favourite kinks of mine is I'd love to see a girl split her pants right infront of me, this is the earliest embarrassing/humiliating thing to see a girl do that I found sexually exciting at a young age I think I was 12/13. I saw a cartoon where a girl split her pants in a scene, it didn't show her underwear but it made the sound of her pants splitting and showed her expression of embarrassment on her face. It got me thinking about what her underwear would look like through the split and I noticed I became incredibly excited by that thought and have like it ever since.

Finally these are the tings that are most kinky/dirty I'd want to see a girl do, I guess you could say firstly I am really turned on by female desperation and accidents; meaning I am really turned on by women getting really desperate to pee, I find it really exciting if a girl becomes soo desperate she either has an accident on the spot or decides to squat around the corner or in the nearest covered location she can find. In both instances I would imagine this to be very humiliating if a girl was caught doing either of these things but I find both are very exciting to me having seen a girl ******* behind a club down an alley on a night out while doin the same thing myself, luckily she didn't see me watching her and becoming turned on by it. I'm sure this girl would have been rather embarrassed to be caught doing that when she thought she was alone. Also on the subject I find it a turn on catching girls peeing on the toilet having walked in on a few in my years and thinking about the events later to myself and finding it exciting. Finally I would love to get some evidence of all these actions being comitted either photo's of it happening or preferably video so I can enjoy them for future reference abd as a little keep sake of fond memories.

Please comment on what you think having read my first story I've shared on here and maybe I'll write some more up when I feel more confident expressing myself and my kinks.

Regards, Hittman.


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13 Responses Feb 14, 2010

This made me very wet. I want someone to lift up my skirt in public and press a ***** inside me, while other men are obviously watching and beginning to jerk of. I also would love to have this done to me while I need to pee. I would be forced to pee my panties in front of everyone and the voyeurs would *** and laugh in my face and call me a cheap basic ****.


A lot of this is right up my alley. Kudos

Looking for a female slave who desires total humiliation. Kik masterxensor.

I have been looking for someone who is willing to do those things to me...I get embarrassed by those things so easily but its such a turn on.. my ex boyfriend used to lock me out of the bathroom until I was about to pee myself, then get doggy style and wet my jeans.

Message me

I think your expressing yourself very well we all have turn ons or fetishes we wouldnt be human your very honest

We have a lot in common! I like being forced to hold my pee until I am so desperate that I have little leaks come out, and then forced to still keep holding it. Eventually an accident would occur. I also love the idea of someone pulling my skirt/pants down around my ankles and then stepping on it to prevent me from pulling it back up. Then, when I finally do, keep doing it the whole night over and over. Then finally if there is a couch behind me, do it again and push me on the couch and steal my bottoms and not give them back the whole night, forcing me to go bottomless in front of everyone. This would be a tremendous turn on for me.

I would love you to humiliate me!

I'd love to see a girl wear a short skirt on a windy day with nothing underneath =D

I love to send my gf on a paid date where she knows she has to submit to sex. Especially with a guy she does not like. When she gets back she has to be punished by being locked in a tipical Jones chastity belt with plugs in a mini skirt that hardly covers her humiliation. The shiny metal thru her crorch can hardly help but be exposed. She knows as she sets there that everybody can see she is locked in a chastity belt. As we look around the room I demand that she chose some guy she would like to have the key to her chastity belt. Which really humiliates her as she knows full well that I just may give him the key with the understanding when he is thru with her, he locked he back up. Although she claims to be totally humiliated, she still stays with me. I have talked to her about taking her to Reno, Nevada to work in one of their legal brothels. She has to do that all on her own. So she has to agree before we can do it. I would love to **** her in a brothel as a ***** and could not imagine how precious she would be after she did that. As we discuss she is has less and less opposition to it. She does not know yet that the brothel is for two weeks taking all who want her. She may soon find out. After which she will be legally registered as a prostitute.<br />
That would make her extra precious to me.

wow I am so turned on...I like having my skirt pulled up or off when im not wearing panties for all to see!

i did that to a girl in hs as she was leavign school. i walked up behjind her and pulled her skirt down so all her friends could see her sexy satin panties

Mmmm oh Hittman u really got me amazed,lifting up skrts and exposing to everyone is by far MY FAV !!!!!!!!!! I'd like to share more on these !!!!congrats !

The only thing I would add is that the girls should be consenting, i.e., it should be with their permission and a turn-on and enjoyable for them too.