Yes ..some are only interested in how the pie tastes when done. Others are curious as to the ingredients and how it was baked,how you achieved the final result.The processes gone through.The care in preparation .How the dough was kneaded and shaped. Carefully adding the ingredients to make a unique flavor that is yours alone. Kind of like sex...:):) The end result is good..but how you got there is the key to being remembered.
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A lost art for sure... Most guys on this site just send you a pic of the goods and don't send the recipe!

Yep kinda like buying a used car and finding the owners manual is gone.

I would be fine with that! I don't want a manual, I don't want to know the tried and true ways to get the best experience possible out of the car... I want to push all the buttons and figure out what makes it tick all by myself! :)

I get this..However after that initial test drive it's good to read the manual to see if there are non stock options you may have missed. Readjust the seat..tweak those headlights..fine tune the motor and then....Get the best performance possible. Performance cars need this done repeatedly and often to keep them purring.

Yes I would want to make sure the seat was comfortable, that I can slide into it without tearing the seat or hurting myself. Once all the way in and comfortable I place both hands at ten and two, making sure I have a good grip so I can stay seated properly and operate it smoothly.
I will let go of the wheel to adjust some knobs and buttons so I can keep it hot in there and I like to run my hands over the smooth luxurious finish.
The manual also tells you to warm the engine up before driving it too hard! That's very important! :)

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