Massage In A Tent

About this time last year i was out with a bunch of friends camping, We was split up into 4 tents each had 3 - 5 people in each. I was in a tend with two other people, one male(Johnny) one female(Lucy), me and johnny had our own sleeping bags and Lucy was wrapped up in her duvet covers. It was about 3am and they both seemed to be asleep but i just couldnt relax.

I checked my phone for the time and let out a sigh. I heard lucy say "Mikey, that you?" in a quiet voice, i said "Yeah, i thought you was asleep". i rolled onto my side to face her, "Nah, i cant settle cos my backs hurting" she whispered "Yeah, same" i replied, she sat up alittle and her duxet dropped down slightly revealing her pink nighty "Mind giving me a little massage?" she asked with a little smile "Sure, why not" i replied. she laid back down flat and rolled onto her chest "Pull my blanket down abit and get behind me" she whispered, carefull not to wake Johnny, i unzipped my sleepingbag and did as she asked, I was just wearing my boxers, i began rubbing her shoulders gently "Use abit of muscle, Mikey" she giggled, I continued massaging around her shoulders and kept catching my hands on the straps of her nighty "Hang on" she said, sitting up and flicking off the straps with her back towards me, the nighty went all the way down and stopped on her hips, then she laid back down "Dont be shy" she said. i continued to rub up and down her back firmly. By this point i was kneeled over her thighs and was getting turned on by her occasional moans.

After a few minutes of massaging her back she said "thats better, can you go abit lower down now?" i froze nervously "How far?" i asked "around the tops of my thighs, where your sitting". i slowly moved off her and went further down "I'll do you next, if you like" she said as i began massaging just under her bum "Sounds good" i replied. i kept my hands above her silk nighty, occasionally poking her bum cheeks with my fingers.

After another few minutes she sat up again, i caught a slight glimps of her boobs as she pulled her straps back up "Lay down, i'll do you" she said. We swapped positions and i lay on her duxet, she began firmly rubbing the middle of my back and shoulders "Wow, your tense" she said, i just shrugged, she began rubbing her hands all over my back, sometimes along the band of my underwear "Wow, this is really tense too" while she caressed the top of my thighs and underwear "Huh?" i said, "Dont worry, i'll sort it out" she said with a little giggle as she suddenly pulled off my boxers "What the.." i said in a raised voice, She lent foward to my ears and whispered "Shh, we dont want to wake johnny" then she lent back and placed her hands on my bum. I didnt have a clue what was going on but it was turning me on, i could feel my penis beggining to stiffen, She moved one of hands under me and cupped my balls gently, she wiggled her hand and then took a firm hold of my penis, I rolled onto my back and looked up at her, she had a sexy little smirk on her face as she began rubbing me up and down, by this point i had a full on erection.

She lent forward to me face and i felt myself poke into her belly "Touch me whereever you like, let's have a proper massage" she whispered sexily. My hands flew up and took ahold of her back, she pulled back as i held onto her nighty and pulled herself out of it then returned to leaning over me. I placed my hands on her bum and started rubbing it firmly. she sat forward onto my chest, my penis poking slightly into her back, she lent over me and her boobs flopped onto my face as she rummaged through her bag, eventually pulling out a condom she sat back again and rolled the condom into place. she stood up and placed herself directly ontop of my penis "I love camping" i said, almost bursting out with laughter due to the whole eroticness of the situation "me too" she whispered as i took ahold of her boobs.

We had sex which seemed to last hours until i was completly warn out, she rolled off me and laid next to me and we looked over at johnny who ws still sleeping in the corner of the tent, we looked back to each other and had a little laugh, she pulled up her nighty and my underwear and tucked them under our pillow "We can wait till morning for them" she whispered as she rested her chest on mine and we both fell asleep.

Hope you enjoy reading this, :P
It's all accurate apart from the dialog which i cant fully remember.
It was also my first time ;)
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Me, my wife Sonali and my friend Vikram stayed in a tent in one hill station for three days. Sonali had this kind of fun with Vikram, which I watched. We had three some every day. Camping is really nice with your wife and one of your friends. It is equally enjoyable when her friend (female) is camping with us. We did not enjoy that till date but Sonali has made her beautiful friend Shobhana to join us for camping. I am open with her as you can read in my stories.

Incredibly fantastic story.. Thank you for sharing.

Great story, I knew it would end in sex when you said she grabbed your balls. I have been massaged naked by many female friends and never once have they grabbed anything private and neither has the massage ended in sex in such cases. Only girlfriends ever grabbed anything.