Getting To Know Your Partner's Body :)

I absolutely love sexual massage. I took a course on it (if you can believe such a course exsists lol!) and love to practice it with my significant other...when I HAVE a significant other. LOL But, it's a wonderful way to be more intimate with your partner and get to know their body. I like to use light oils or lotions. I don't like to use anything greasy or thick. That turns me off. I also like my oil to be lightly scented. Nothing girlie, just a nice clean scent. I like to start at the shoulders, neck and back, where most of the tension settles in people. I like for my partner to sit between my legs on the bed with his back facing me to start. I start at the shoulder and work my way up to the neck then the head. From the head I move to the face down to the chest. Now I have my partner lay down as a massage his chest, moving to his arms and then his hands to his fingers. Then to the belly, traveling down to the waist, past his penis (because I save the best for last) down to his thighs (with a lick here and there), calves and his feet. Then I go back up to his penis. I like to start at the base of the penis using a little more oil to make sure my movements are fluid and smooth. I want it to feel good. ;) As I grip the base of his penis with one hand I take the balls in my other hand and as I gently pull up on the penis, rotating my hand, I gently pull down on the balls. The sensation, I'm told, is heavenly. lol By then my partner's penis is usually erect so I take my attention to his member by gripping the base with one hand and the head with the other. Using opposite, gentle (GENTLY NOW!) twisting motion I massage up and down his member. Moving down to the balls (to calm him down usually, although in some cases it riles a man up lol) a massage them gently. Gently pulling and rubbing. I like to alternate between the two. After that, it's go time! lol Lighting is important, I prefer either candle light or no light lol Music is ok sometimes. Sensual foods are good too. Oooh and blindfolds! I love to use blindfolds. The element of surprise can be so sexy when you trust your partner.
Miluna Miluna
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

wow you have a way with words, good descriptions, thanks have you done this and added a prostate massage with it, drives a guy up the wall the pre *** flows and then the real deal is explosive