Sexy Massage

A few years ago, I had taken my wife to visit North India. We were staying in a good hotel in New Delhi.

While we were in the swimming pool, I noticed that the pool life guard (who also happend to be a masseur) was eyeing my wife constantly. May be this is because my wife was wearing a pretty tiny bikini. Her bikini top could hardly cover her large, well rounded boobs.

Pool guard paid special attention to my wife's swimming skills, giving her advice on perfecting a few strokes. I found that guy trying to come closer to my wife with some pretext or the other. So, I asked him, if he could give both us massage in the hotel room. Although, reluctant in the beginning, he did come to our room after finishing his duty.

He suggested that he would massage my wife first. My wife was wearing a night gown and he ordered my wife to take it off. My wife took it off but she was feeling shy (being of Indian origin) of taking her bra and panty in front of a stranger.

I did make her comfortable by telling her that this is only a massage.She then slept on her stomach on the bed. This guy started applying a thin layer of herbal oil on her body and without even asking my wife, he opened the hook of her bra. Her large boobs were visible partially from the side. this was a getting an exciting scene for me.

He then asked my wife to lift her torso to remove her bra completely. Similarly, he removed the panty of my wife. My wife was naked for the first time in front a complete stranger. He started giving a very sensual massage to my wife, paying special attention to her large boobs. Slowly, he reached her hot ***** area and massaged there profusely.

My wife had abandoned all her inhibitions by then. The masseur asked me to join him in massaging my wife. after a few minutes of massage, I could not take the excitement anymore and ****** my wife in front of the masseur. This was my first experience of ******* my wife in front of somebody, but it was well worth it. We had many such occassions in the past to enjoy sex in front of outsiders.
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Hi Blackduck, do narrate to us your latest experience with the sexual massage. I take massage every week and make it a point to convert into sexual massage everytime it is possible. I love happy ending massages.

Going to give an all over body massage to a friend's wife in celebration of a milestone birthday - your story gives me some great ideas!

He very much wanted to **** my wife, but she would not allow the masseur to **** her. She bearly allowed me to **** her in front of an outsider.

Did he join in with the *******? Thanks for sharing