My First Spa Massage

I had my first massage at the Spa today. It never entered my mind to go there for this but the same lady cuts my hair that does my wife's hair there. We have been going there for quite a few years and she talked my wife into becoming a Massage client. My wife has had two massages there and when her last one was completed, she asked the masseuse if she did males. While SHE did not, she referred me to another masseuse on staff & my wife made an appointment for me AND THEN TOLD ME. My wife has been VERY satisfied there and just raves about the masseuse that she has. And I DO mean satisfied. She has consented to participate in a program tailored to her wants and needs.

When I arrived, the receptionist introduced me to Debbie who would be doing my massage. After showering, I laid face down on a massage table nude. Debbie was attired in a blouse and shorts. She began by lightly running her fingers over my entire body. After a very few minutes, she poured some light, warm oil on my back, rubbing it on my neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet, ect.

After a very short time of this, you can guess what part of me was rock hard. She worked my *** cheeks over very well, grazing my *** hole (in a teasing manner) and lightly played with my balls. Going back to my *** hole, she pressed on it with a couple of fingers and squeezed the very bottom of the shaft of my penis.

She then asked that I turn over onto my back (face up) which I did in a flash. She indicated that she would like to roved some of her clothing if I was ok with it. All I could say was "Take it all off". She removed her shorts and blouse. Her panties were very, very fine and thin - leaving nothing to the imagination. Her bra was the same - fine nipples. I had turned over so my ***** was what stood out from the rest of my body. She smilled and looked me in the eye. "WELL" she remarked. I didn't know what to say.

She oil and rubbed the front of my body as she had the back of me. Leaving my hands at the side of the table, she rubbed her ***** and **** area up against one of my hands. She did that a couple of times. She did it again and I went for I feel. She didn't reject the contact. She stood there and I continued squeezing her labia. She gasped and hung her head a moment. I remarked that she appeared to have lovely breasts and nipples. Stepping back from the table for a moment, she removed her bra - BEAUTIFUL.

She continued manual stimulation of my balls and slow stroking of my penis. She explained that she could continue jacking me or use either of a couple devices they use at the pleasure of the client. She explained the difference in each to me. I chose the one that sounded most interesting to me. She went on to explain that sometimes, for the client's satisfation, manual stimulation is used to complete satisfation for the client. After further rubbing and stimulation she presented the device at the side of the table. She placed me on all fours on the table. A soft device was placed around the shaft of my **** and another attachment on the head of my penis. She then allowed me to place my head on my folded hands on the table and engaged the device. During this time she was beside me squeezing and pulling on my balls. The thing I was hooked up to really just felt like a big **** muscle clenching me and the attachment on the head of my **** was sucking on me. I reached back to her and stuck a finger, then two into her ***** thru her panties. She moved herself closer to my hand. She was breathing heavily. (That was two of us.) Finally I blew a load out. She kept fondling my balls and I kept pumping. It overflowed the device, made a mess, and she reached up to remove it.

Showering and her assisting me redressing, we exchanged a kiss and rub. I assured her I would make another appointment to become a regular.
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I agree with jeanp....where is this place, I would like to go.

Where the hell is this place? Sounds like a very erotic experience. Good for you and kudos to your wife for suggesting it !!