Wife's Massage Job Often Turned Sexual....

My cute, petite, blonde wife was in her early 30's when she was working as a massage therapist. For a while she was working at a place that allowed a bit more than normal massage (ie happy endings) and even encouraged 'extras',- but left that up to the girls to decide what they wanted to do (even though their advertising was directed at guys that wanted more anyway LOL!).

Even though it was basically meant to be just a job (that's what she told me at the time), she enjoyed the attention she got there,- and the extra money .... so often would allow a few 'extras'. Most clients wanted a happy ending, so she would give them a quick rub and tug at the end of the massage. Sometimes as an extra she cover the guy in oil and would do a body slide,- lying on him and rubbing her body against him (often with him ******* basically straight away!), or sitting facing him and rubbing his **** against her ***** lips (and giving him a reprimand if the head of his **** got 'stuck' for a brief moment as her ***** slid over his ****, or facing away from him and rubbing her arse against his **** until he shot his load over her. Her next most popular extra was allowing the guy to touch her .... what bits depended on how she was feeling at the time..... usually just her bum or **** while she rubbed him.

She gave such a great massage and was such a tease, that it wasn't long before she had quite an extensive client base.... and often she was booked out all day! As she had to stick to a time schedule, often she would be getting turned on by a guy, but couldn't really enjoy herself as the time would be up. So after 3 or 4 guys like this in a row, she would be getting so horny that no matter who the next guy was or what he asked for, he often got that and more LOL! Most were hour appointments,- and she would allow 45mins for the massage and 10 mins for the guy to *** (most didn't need that long though) and then 5 mins to clean up and getting ready for the next one. So if the guy wanted to touch or play with her, it was only during the last 10 mins. But when she was really horny and needed to *** herself, she would let him start touching her a lot earlier in the massage (even though they were much harder to 'control' then). As some guys were a bit more 'agressive' and even though they were meant to be just getting a massage, they often tried to finger **** her or want to eat her out etc. Usually they wouldn't be able to... but times like this she wouldn't resist, and they would get their way.

This usually happened a few times each day... ie her sexual energy would build up after a few clients and then she would need to ***. She used to tell me it didn't always work out how she wanted it to though,- ie she didn't get to *** for the guys she was attracted to the most (even though they might have turned her on.... it was the next guy that got to play). She tried to arrange her appointments so she could be with the right guys at the right time as much as she could though. She was attracted to guys for different reasons,- some for their personality, some for the attention and compliments they gave her, some for their looks, some if they were well endowed and some just to try something different (ie they might have been a lot older or younger than her and from an unusual country etc).

The trouble is that it didn't really help me, as it was nearly 2 hours drive home for her, and she couldn't hold on that long! So if she was getting horny late in the day, she would make sure she got to *** with the last guy she had before her long drive home (although a couple of times she made a deteur to a regular clients home on the way back for a little extra LOL! she couldn't wait till she got home). So the last guy of the day often got a bit more than he bargained for!

She even admitted years later that she even let some guys **** her sometimes,- often the lucky last guy of the day LOL! Some of these were planned, as it might have been one of the guys she liked and deliberately booked him last for the day, and would put a condom on the side table and tell him it was just in case he needed it at the beginning of the massage. A few times she admitted (a lot later) that she wasn't prepared and didn't have a condom handy...  but would be so hot and turned on that she didn't resist if they guy tried to slip his **** into her. Most times he would take it out again straight away, saying it was an accident or making out it hadn't gone in...  and depending how she felt she would let him do it again...  and again...  until he came LOL!...  or tell him next time to bring a condom!

So it isn't just guys that get turned on by sexual massage....  girls do too. My wife ended up doing it for nearly 10 years (in various places and types etc). She would leave one place, but after a few weeks would miss the work and go back to work at another place....  she was hooked on giving sexual massage!
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OMG that was a very hot story! Where does your wife work now?

Also found out later that one of the places she worked at had a spa bath where she would entertain the guy before the massage...usually both would be nude. Often she would sit on the guys lap and just rub back and forth etc. The guys were not allowed to *** in the spa and if they did, the girl doing the massage would have to empty and clean it before her next client (this would take an hour or so)... so the girls were very careful not to let the guys *** and make a mess in the water.One of the other girls that worked there was a mutual friend of ours.... and I found out recently from her how she (and my wife) got around this 'problem'. If a guy was about to *** and couldn't get out of the spa quick enough, she (and most of the other girls there) would quickly go down on him (yep, under the water if need be) and take his **** in her mouth, so he wouldn't *** in the water. But my wife never liked anything in her mouth... so to save her having to clean the spa, she would slip his **** into her ***** and let him *** inside...... she would joke after to the other girls that is wasn't sex (which wasn't allowed at this place)... it was just 'housekeeping' LOL!

yes, most of the other girls let the guys *** in their mouth if they couldn't get out the spa quick enough.... most of the time the guys would quickly stand up out of the water, but yes, sometimes it would be an underwater ******* too! My wife tended to have older clients that couldn't get out quick enough, so ended up having to do her 'housekeeping' a few times a day. The other girl (who had a very nice arse!) did it like that a few times too, as she didn't like getting her hair wet (so no underwater ******** for her!).


A liberated lady, she knows what she wants, and how to get it too. Sounds like a fabulous woman you have there!

MMmmm, a late afternoon massage from her sounds great! It would be nice to have each of us have a happy ending!