My Mom Got A Massage

I remember when my mom went for a massage for her back and for her back mussles sorry if I spelled mussles wrong.
I was 10 or 12 at the time my mom went there to check in she paid with throw her health Plain from work.

When mom checked in there was this women at the front desk checking mom in at the front desk.
Mom said hse be about 1 hour may be 2 hours.

When mom was checking in mom gave me money to go to the store to kill off time wile mom was in the massage place.

When mom checked in mom checked in with this Chinese women and I herd her talking to mom.

During there chat I herd this women telling mom that this massage was in the nude and she told mom she could undress over in the other room and one of the Massage Therapist will come in to massage her back.

The Massage Therapist came to meet mom it was a women.

Mom was dresst in her Blue Jeans with her white Tank top with moms white sneakers.

Mom quikly ask the front desk clerk "Why is the massage in the nude for" the Therapist told mom so your clothes don't get full of the massage oil thing in that nature she told mom and I saw the massage therapist undoing moms pink belt on moms blue Jeans

Moms pants were undone exposing some of moms under wear and the other Massage Therapist also came out and smiled and walked behind mom at the front desk also and pulled mom's pants down a bit exposing moms bum fully with moms under wear down not all the way just enough to expose moms bum none the less.

When the front desk clerk to the massage Therapist that I was there They walked mom to her dressing room
when they walked mom to the massage room mom walked to the room with a towel covering mom as mom was completley naked
but moms glassess were still on moms face.

I toke off to go to the coffie shop I came back after a hour past when I came back thats when things turned "odd"

I herd voices coming from moms massage room like a "Baby crying like" and a women talking nervice and getting excited and I herd moms breathing very heavey like.

I asked this women at the front desk what was going on she never answered me.

Then I herd the voices in the room getting demanding like DO THIS DO THAT NOW AND GET WITH IT.
All of a sudden I herd "Oh Oh Oh Oh coming from the room mom was in.

One of the Therapist came out of moms room and when she opened the door I saw mom laying on her back with nothing on with this women laying ontop of mom with this belt around her hipps wile she was licking moms feet.

And when the other one went back in the room she picked mom up and layed her back down on her back.

I herd mom yell out Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh **** Oh **** Oh my god Oh my god.

I saw mom in the room tottly naked I saw this women feeling moms boobs wile standing behind mom.
Mom said I never done this before.

Mom started screaming out loud again but this was the final time then I herd one of the Therapist asking mom
"You like this don't you" I herd mom say Yes Im Married please don't tell anyone.

They toke a picture of my mom naked on there massage bed and told mom to come back or they were going to tell moms friends including dad.

A week latter the same women had my mom for 4 times in a row at her place.
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